The MagPulse Magnetic Pulser

Designed By Bruce K. Stenulson : First MagPulse Series Device was Introduced in January of 2002

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The MAGPULSE MAGNUM model SP and SLP, and SP1-1C High Power MOSFET Magnetic Pulser Systems are now available; click here to jump to that page.

The MagPulse 2005 Magnetic Pulser Wand was developed with the following primary design objectives:

Capable of Inducing resonant frequencies into the subject / target via a pulsed magnetic signal / waveform.

Operate dynamically when driven at safe low voltages (12 VDC to 24 VDC). (There is no electrical shock hazard associated with use of the MagPulse.)

Provide a primarily NORTH POLE magnetic field effect when the front face (away from the handle) is in use. (It is optionally possible to use the back side / handle side of the MagPulse if a predominantly SOUTH POLE magnetic field is desired for specific applications. [This is seldom desirable; see William H. Philpott, M.D.'s "Biomagnetic Handbook" for further information on this subject.]

Lightweight design, mounted in a plastic housing with handle for ease of positioning & use without having your hand in the South Pole magnetic field on the back side of the MagPulse head.

Produce Magnetic Pulses across a wide range of frequencies, including the capability of producing distinct dynamic pulses [at frequencies up to 3KHz or above], at amplitudes adequate to produce observable results. [Waveforms below, at the end of this page, demonstrate dynamic operation at well over 35KHz, well into the Ultrasonic range, beyond initial design objectives! ]

UPDATE 3-08-2003: Higher Frequency Testing

Using the F150 frequency synthesizer / sequencer, driving the 6C EM+, with the MagPulse wand driven from the Auxiliary Output Chanel on the 6C, recent testing now reveals that the MagPulse Wand continues to be very dynamic, without loss of pulse amplitude, at all frequencies above 10,000 Hz up to about 37,000 Hz. Above this frequency, the pickup used in these tests drops off in response, while the pulsed magnetic output continues to be very dynamic to 500 KHz & beyond. (This is operation well into the ultrasound range.)

NOTE: Further testing seems to indicate that this drop-off in displayed signal amplitude in the tests which produced the photos may be a characteristic / 'artifact' of the specific magnetic sensor used in the testing, and that the pulsed magnetic signal is continuing to be produced at much higher frequencies.

UPDATES: What's New in MagPulse Wands and Options for driving them

The earlier models of the Magpulse wands were developed over a period of many months of research on 2000 and 2001, involving testing of several prototypes. In January of 2002, the System 6C EM+ was modified / updated to provide a higher power Auxiliary Output Channel specifically to drive the Magpulse Wands dynamicly. Next, the System 5AC EM+ was offered with the Optional Auxiliary channel ; this version is referred to as the 5AC+A. The HFA4M series of enhanced devices was then designed.

Magpulse 2005 wands have a central core space just large enough to allow installing four 5mm high intensity LEDs in the core. The core is filled with my own specialized assembly of charged materials in an organic resin, including Quartz and other crystaline semi-precious gemstone materials, crystalline metallic materials, and trace metals / minerals. (This type of core material composition is sometimes referred to as 'Orgonite'. While these materials may possibly enhance the beneficial effects of the MagPulse wands, no claims are made about this aspect of my design; I simply build them this way because I- and many other researchers- feel this may be of benefit in enhancing how the MagPulse wand interfaces with the body's energetic fields. Energy-sensitive individuals report that they can feel the MagPulse wand vibrating or pulsing with this energy, even when the wand is not plugged in and being driven witrh a frequency.)

MagPulse wands can now be custom built with Green, Blue, Deep Red, Infrared, or 605nM "True Orange" LEDs in the core, with the last being the most popular and widely used. These LEDs are pulsed simultaneously at the same frequency as the Magpulse. There are still only two wires to plug into your choice of Magpulse-capable driver, and any MagPulse 2005 wand can be used on any EM+ or HFA4M* series driver device.

Besides the 6C and 8C EM+, several new devices are now available to researchers which are capable of driving the MagPulse Wands. I'll mention three at this time, and offer them to researchers on a limited basis; check the ORDER PAGE for the latest pricing and model availability, and call for further details if you're interested. (The best time to find me answering the phone is on weekday mornings : 719-836-2489)

THE "MagPulse II -2005"

New redesign released in November of 2005] This is a specialized two frequency (15 Hz and 326 Hz) magnetic pulser wand with the frequency generating & driving circuitry integrated into the head of the magnetic pulser wand for portability and simplicity of use: CLICK HERE for photos & further info.


In March of 2002, the HFA-4M and HFA-4MC designs were first offereded. These devices were further updated in 2005 to provide the power handling required by the latest generation MagPulse 2005 wands.These models are another major step in the evolution of the HFA-4 series of High Frequency Adjustable devices. Frequency capability is adjustable from about 8 Hz on the low end, to about 1.4MHz on the upper end typically, in four selectable frequency ranges- in other words, covering the entire "Rife" frequency range, as well as all of the "Hulda Clark" frequency range. The HFA-4M and HFA-4MC have the specialized color coded MagPulse output channel jacks, as well as output jacks for a wide variety of light wands with two different electronic drive level requirements. Three sets of output jacks allow for use of multiple sets of contact pads / handpieces simultaneously. (This would also allow for use in 'group zapping' by several people at one time if desired.) In September of 2002, I first began to offer the HFA-4MP to researchers. In addition to the adjustable frequency output capabilities of all of the other HFA-4 models, It has 11 selectable preset frequencies on an extra rotary selection control on the lower left of the control panel. These are some of my 'favorite' or most-used frequencies: 10, 15, 324, 465, 528, 727, 787, 880, 2008, 2128, 2545 Hz.

A frequency reading meter is used to know what frequency you're setting on either model- it's similar to dialing a radio, with coarse, medium, and fine tuning adjustments. Radio Shack is now selling their model # TS22-811, which reads frequency, for only $49.99. I'm told by another researcher that it is doing the job nicely.

The HFA-4MC has all of the internal frequency generating capabilities of the HDFA-4M, but also has the added capability of being interfaced with an external frequency generating / sequencing device, including Laptop Computers, Portable MP3 players, Desktop Computers, or specialized frequency synthesizers / sequencers, such as the F125 from Patrick Robin. This allows for automated sequencing of long sequences of frequencies, and the ability to save and recall those sequences. A software CD is included, along with an operating instruction booklet and a listing of sources of frequencies available from various web sites.

The HFA-4M and HFA-4MC are built into larger cases than previous HFA-4 models. This was necessary for two reasons; to provide control panel space for the additional outputs, and to provide additional room inside for a higher capacity 10 AA cell rechargeable NiMH battery system which can power the MagPulse 2005 wand for about 2 hours or more before needing recharging. A power supply is included, for recharging in a 'tapering charge' mode while the HFA-4M and HFA-4MC are in use. An Optional "Car Cord" is also available, which allows recharging while you drive. (I've used the MagPulse Wand while driving down the road- life's busy these days!)

A specialized jack is also optionally available for an additional charge of $20 which allows for rapid recharging of the internal battery system (about one hour) when using a specialized "Peak Detecting Charger". (If you are interested, Call for details on options and sources of fast-charge "peak detecting" chargers.)

The MagPulse 6R

The MagPulse 6R was a specialized portable driver for the MagPulse 2002 wands (and for the LED Light Wands) with 6 preset frequencies. It has a Rechargeable 10 cell Nicad battery pack built inside. It comes with a wall adaptor for recharging or extended use. (The internal battery pack should provide operation for about 4 hours before needing recharging.) Custom Light wands which we produce can also be safely driven from this device. (A white and a blue jack are included on the MagPulse 6R Systems for this purpose, to drive light wands at two different current level requirements. Light wands are built with color coded plugs to match the correct drive output jacks.)

The MagPulse 6R was designed to provide 6 of my 'favorite' specific frequencies to the MagPulse wands.; briefly, these are described as helpful in these ways:

15 Hz : stimulates Lymph circulation: may also stabilize emotional states.

326 Hz : Normalizes Calcium Metabolism; Reduces Pain

528 Hz : Major Beneficial Frequency: Reinforces the integrity of DNA

465 Hz, 727 Hz, 787 Hz : Major Anti-Bacterial Frequencies; see the CAFL list on for reported associations

Use of 15 Hz and 326 Hz has reportedly helped with Arthritis, calcium buildups, scar tissue, back pain, swolen discs, etc.; ( please see the NIH article for further information about the results of their research.)

The MagPulse 6R driver device has been discontinued- larger capacity internal battery systems were required, and other features are also useful, so the HFA-4MP was introduced to replace previous models with preser selectable frequencies. These 6 preset frequencies, along with 5 others, are available on the latest generation HFA4MP driver device, and on the HFA4MCP device.


The sharing of research reports from individual researchers can be educational to other researchers, offering insights and inspiration in reguards to what might be possible. The ongoing research of some mainstream medical researchers (such as Dr. Steven Kali at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in New York) offer further promising insights. (Little has been added to the anecdotal reports on this web site recently... it's only that everyone is so busy these days - myself included- so that the writing of reports is always the last thing that gets any time!

For an excellent overview of BIOELECTROMAGNETICS, and the expanding applications of Magnetic Field Therapy, you might want to start with this report by the National Institute Of Health. It's in text mode to load quickly; use your web browser's "BACK" button to return here after visiting that article.

While it is not my intention to offer anything that might be viewed as 'claims' or 'proof' for the possible effectiveness of any of the experimental and research devices which are in use by private researchers throughout the world today, I feel that it is valuable to offer some information about results being observed by researchers working with these experimental devices.

Therefore, anecdotal reports from researchers using the MagPulse wands are being made available for informational and educational purposes. They are now accessible from the MAGPULSE SYSTEMS ANECDOTAL REPORTS PAGE. Another anecdotal research report page that relates to the EM+ Systems- which also are all built to drive the MagPulse 2005 accessory wands on their Auxiliary Output Section, can ber found on the main EM+ Anecdotes page

Visit THIS ORDER / REQUEST PAGE for current prices and ordering information. You need to print it out, fill it out, and sign it in order to obtain research equipment from me.


Would you like an easy way to 'listen' to the output of the MagPulse Wands, to get an idea of the shape and extent of the pulsed magnetic field emanating from the MagPulse? Here's one simple and inexpensive (Under $20) way you can do it, with a couple of commonly available parts from your local Radio Shack store.

PART # 277-1008C Audio Amplifier / Speaker ; 3"x3"x1" compact case, uses a 9 volt battery

PART # 44-533B Telephone Pickup ; plugs into the input of the Amplifier above; picks up magnetic signals.

A 9 volt battery for the Amplifier

This simple setup will allow you to listen to the various pulse rates / frequencies as tones when the MagPulse wand is on / pulsing. You'll be able to observe that you can pick up and hear the signal through the body, at about the same intensity as through the same distance of open air, demonstrating that the body does not substantially attenuate the pulsed magnetic signal from the MagPulse wand.

This 'transparency' of the body to pulsed magnetic signals is spoken of in reference material provided with the MagPulse wands. The Article that's linked below also touches on this subject. The basic significance form these demonstrations is that there is not a loss of 'penetration'; MRI imaging techniques rely on the pulsed magnetic signals which they produce to pass through the body, too. All of our cells 'hear' these pulsed magnetic signals.

The volume / intensity of the signal can easily be heard to increase as you get closer to the MagPulse wand, and to get fainter as you get a greater distance from it. You can optionally plug a set of headphones into the output jack on the Audio Amplifier, to minimize outside noise.

While the audio amplifier is only labeled for a frequency response of from 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz, you can hear lower pulse rates, such as 15 Hz, very well, too.


You can also use the Audio Amplifier / Speaker and 'telephone pickup' to listen to sources of EMF pollution within your home or working environment. Try bringing the pickup close to your Power Panel / Circuit Breaker box, your Computer monitor, and your TV, and you'll likely be surprised at what you hear- what the cells of your body are 'hearing' whenever you're near these items. Electric motors, washing machines, dishwashers- even small wall adaptors are radiating EMF 'noise- most of it at 60 Hz and 120 Hz. Anything with an unshielded transformer inside & turned on will be radiating 60Hz EMF.

If you have a System 5AC or System 6C EM+, you'll be able to see that the UL listed, shielded switching power supply I use in building these systems does not radiate much of a EMF field at all; it's fairly 'quiet'.

Other systems built with an unshielded transformer, (such as the classic EMEM-2 and EMEM3 and similarly built systems, for example) unless custom built within an effective grounded shielding enclosure, will be radiating a substantial 60 HZ EMF field, which unfortunately may be adding further stress to the body of anyone sitting too close to the control unit & power supply. You can test this with this simple setup, and find out how far you might want to stay away from those types of devices. The 60 Hz field would also likely be induced into other components of the system, such as the wiring to the plasma tube on such a system, and so the 60 Hz EMF would unavoidably be a part of the radiated signal. Further research may be indicated to see if removing / reducing this 60 Hz component would result in less stress on those exposed to the system. (Stress from the Spark Gap generated 'chaos signal' has been previously discussed; some of that discussion is on the page on ELECTROSENSITIVITY linked below.)

You can also easily hear the pulsed magnetic component of the primary plasma resonance from the plasma tube driven on the EM+ systems with this simple test setup. You'll note that the signal eminates not only from the plasma tube, but from the heavy wires running to and from the tube, all the way back to the HV pulse transformer inside the EM+ control system. What you'll hear is a pure musical tone of the primary plasma resonance which the system is currently set to produce. This is the magnetic component of the resonance that's being induced into / through the body, with the intensity of induced resonance being directly related to the proximity to the plasma tube. The closer to the tube, the greater the amplitude of the induced resonance. It's now easy to demonstrate this with less than $20.00 of simple equipment!

Light dimmers produce rude spiking signals at 120 Hz that are radiated from all of the wiring throughout your entire home; prolonged exposures to these 60 Hz and 120 Hz signals can result in added stress on the body, resulting in / contributing to a condition referred to as ELECTROSENSITIVITY, a component of what's referred to as ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS. (When I observed these signals on my test equipment several years ago, and discovered that the light dimmers in our house were the source, I immediately removed every light dimmer in my house, replacing them with standard switches, to eliminate this 'stress factor' from our living environment.)

Fluorescent lights can have amazingly stressful influences on some people (myself included), influences which are a result of the pulsed magnetic signals from the BALLAST transformer within the light fixture, combined with the 60 Hz pulsing of the light.... I personally to not do well in places with fluorescent lighting, and avoid them whenever possible. I certainly do not use them in my own home.

Bottom line- research indicates that it may be helpful for those trying to deal with health challenges to minimize their exposure to EMF stress factors. Being able to easily 'hear' where some of these are strongest in your home and work environment may be a useful tool!


For further extensive information on the adverse health effects from exposure to power line frequency (ELF) EMF fields, you may want to visit this very extensive web document lead-in page , titled "Environmental Epidemiology Planning Project".

Of possible particular interist (although lengthy and technical in places) the "NIEHS Report on EMF" which is titled "Assessing Human Exposure to Power-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields " prepared by the National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences, U.S. National Institutes Of Health [NIH] This document is viewable on the web as HTML, or downloadable as a PDF document.

NOTE: The Telephone Pickup can also be plugged into a portable tape recorder which has a 1/8" microphone jack, or possibly a set of amplified speakers, as Barry Allred has recently told me he's doing; I've also used a set of headphones to listen to the signals on a tape deck, running with the RECORD & PAUSE buttons activated.

TECHNICAL MATERIAL: The Output Waveforms

A specially selected magnetic sensor was used, interfaced to an oscilloscope, to produce the waveform displays below. (Note: Irregularities in the displayed waveforms at 3000 Hz and 10,280 Hz are anomalies produced by the magnetic sensor, rather than distortions of the signals produced by the MagPulse.)

15 Hz

95 Hz

326 Hz

528 Hz

880 Hz

1056 Hz

3000 Hz

10,280 Hz

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DISCLAIMER: (let's get this out of the way ): The material presented here is offered for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice, or as a basis for diagnosis ; for that, please consult with your professional health practitioner.

I'm typically backed up for 2 or more weeks or more with prior requests for research equipment and I attempt to complete each request in the order in which the specific payment is actually received (after completing whatever may be involved in previous commitments). It's the only way I can try to keep things simple & fair for everyone I deal with. I try to answer questions on the phone on weekday mornings (mountain time), but am a very slow typist, unable to write long email responses to questions... Please keep in mind that I also need to have some time for myself, my own research, and my friends & family, as well as other obligations. Thanks for understanding.

Also note that I take a break from producing this research equipment each year during February, March, and April, so that I can take care of personal businees and devote more of my energy to my own research and well-being. Any requests / orders submitted during that time period will be completed after I return to production work in early May.

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