System 8CE EM+ Radiant Plasma Resonant Frequency Generator

The System 8CE EM+ has been in use by researchers since October of 2004. Further circuitry revisions and enhancements have been implemented since then; these are dynamic 'designs-in-evolution!

This page was last updated on December 5th 2018- it's presented for information purposes only. I am not presently building research equipment for other researchers. Rarely but occasionally a system becomes available from another researcher.


Multi-stage internal signal processing circuitry, with EM+ System's unique "Plasma Resonance Optimization" capabilities, which is capable of accepting input from a wide variety of external frequency signal sources, such as the F125 or F165 / F170 from Patrick Robin.

Capable of interfacing to laptop & desktop Computers for automated sequencing of frequencies from the FREX16 software, or playing playlists of MP3 files, for an inexpensive start to sequencing frequencies.

Also can be used without external frequency generators / computers when desired: manual set built-in frequency Generator; allows doing manual frequency range sweeps to search for 'hits' & optimum body response

‘Radiant Mode' or ‘Direct Contact Mode' of Radiant Plasma application: both available to researchers separately or simultaneously

Standard provisions for easy connection of two (or more) dynamically driven plasma pubes simultaneously

Output to drive the latest 2011 version ot the EM+ SLAVE SYSTEM, which has provisions for dynamicly driving a second plasma tube array in either a closely Synchronized mode, or in a switch-selected true phase-delayed mode.

Provisions for use of another plasma tube as a ‘Dynamic Grounding Device' / "Receiving Tube"

9 selectable Plasma Tube Drive Power Output Level Settings: Use at your own "Personal Comfort Level"

A stainless steel grounding plate is included, which can be used to achieve enhanced induced resonance

A wide variety of custom designed Plasma Tubes are available, specifically designed for use with the EM+ Systems, which can be used singly or in multiple tube combinations for enhanced effectiveness.

AUXILIARY Output Channels available for the *MagPulse* Wands, LED Light Wands & Contact Pad Applications, as well as for driving an optional Colloidal Silver generator accessory.

NEW UPDATE: A new accessory dual chamber footbath system (heated massaging features included) with non-toxic non-metallic electrodes is still in development & testing; an anouncement will be added to this page when it is finally released and available to be ordered. The adjustable amplitude from the System 8CE's Auxiliary Output (~5 volts to ~17 VDC plused DC square waves) is ideal for driving this footbath system. It will feature frequent polarity reversing between the two separate foot chambers to alternately apply the ionizing signal to each foot, thereby keeping the body's energetic system balanced. (TECH NOTES & Cautions: There are serious health hazzards of toxic metallic ions being produced in the footbath water and thereafter being absorbed / electro-transported through the skin and into the body from the older designs of "Ionic Footbath Detox Systems". Nano-particles of ionic Nickel, [which makes up up to 14% of some stainless steel alloys] is shed as charged nano-particles during the disintigration of stainless steel electrodes which are used in almost all ionizing footbath systems; these nickel ions are highly toxic. Recent information discloses that nano-particles of titanium also have toxic effects on the body, and therefore should also not be used. )

No RF Hazzards Associated With This System's Mode Of Operation- (Plasma Drive Is Not RF Carrier Based.)

The experimental research equipment I offer does NOT USE, and does not NEED any "RF Carrier" or "Spark Gap" Generated wide spectrum chaotic noise signal; it is far more more effective, with a minimum of adverse collateral reactions, when built without these potentially health-challenging aspects. For a page of recent discussions I've carried on with other researchers on many technical aspects of how the EM+ systems differ from other equipment offered by other researchers today, and the topics of "Power Versus Effectiveness", and "When More Is Less", visit this DISCUSSION PAGE.)

When you understand the unimpeded penetration capabilities of the magnetic component of the Resonant Radiant Plasma tube's radiated field, you then realize that there is absolutely NO NEED for either RF carriers or Spark Gap generated wide spectrum noise signals, ( to which many individuals are known to react adversely.)

An RF/ EMF shielded housing encloses frequency signal processing circuitry for enhanced operational stability The custom internal circuitry module is encapsulated for operational stability and protection of the circuitry Internal UL Listed RF/EMF shielded switching power supply, 115VAC or 230 VAC Input; 12 volt used internally Able to also be run from an external 12 volt power source when away from the ‘grid', & during power failures The system was engineered with effective active flow-through cooling, for stable long-term operation.

Internal EM+ circuitry also incorporates a protection feature to isolate the High Voltage Pulse Transformer from the power supply if the system is ON and set up to run from an external frequency source, but no input signal is present. This will avoid damage if the external computer should lock up or crash before the EM+ system has been turned off.

EM+ Systems are built in a professional housing: appearance is suitable for any research environment Packed in a hard sided carrying case, which offers protection during shipping or while traveling, or in storage. Hard sided foam lined shipping and carrying cases are also available to protect plasma tubes.

The System 8CE EM+ : A brief introduction to the expanded capabilities and Enhanced Features of the System 8CE beyond previous models

The Plasma drive section on the System 8CE offers higher energy to the Plasma Tubes at the upper power output level settings, while offering the ability to "Optimize" the Plasma Resonance Dynamics. Power Output Level selections have been revised, with the selections between 27 and 450 being available and commonly used for contact mode applications, and which may be more appropriate for many research subjects when used in radiant mode too; the three upper selections are typically used for Radiant Mode applications when desiring to treat larger areas. [Click here for discussion on "POWER LEVELS: When Less Is More."] A handheld Tri-field Meter, set to read Electrical Field Intensity, will typically display a reading of 100,000 volts per meter E-field density at 9 to 10 feet or more from a Triple Bubble tube when running frequencies in the 1000 Hz range at the upper power level settings. Is many cases, there's more power available than you may actually want to use; that's why there are NINE different settings available. [Tech note: Low frequencies will display lower meter readings on simple meters due to the very brief duty cycle of the resonant plasma's pulses; knowing how to read and interpret an oscilloscope display will allow the advanced researcher to evaluate the Plasma Resonance Dynamics far better than what can be learned from simple meter displays.]

The upgraded Auxiliary Output Section is extensively re-designed in relation to the Auxiliary Output section on the 6C. It will run from the internal 12 volt power supply system, (with maximum output amplitude levels being limited to less than 12 volts when doing so) and now has also been specially designed to utilize power input from a special optional 22 Volt DC, 3 Amp accessory switching power supply, which can then drive the newer "MagPulse 2005" pulsed magnetic & light devices at close to twice the input power output levels, for about 5 times the pulsed magnetic field intensity produced by the first generation MagPulse Wands running on 12 volts. These MagPulse wands can be driven at frequencies from 1 Hz to beyond 1 MHz with very minimal loss of field intensity at the higher frequencies.

The MagPulse 2005 magnetic pulser wands's pulsed magnetic output is synchronized with the Plasma Tube drive system. The MagPulse 2005 wands are typically built with four LEDs emitting a single color of light within the core of the wand, but combinations of IR and visible spectrul LEDs are also available.

Contact Pad / Hand Piece Output Amplitude is adjustable on the 8CE from a minimum of about 5 VDC to a maximum of over 17 VDC when the 8CE Auxiliary Output Section is powered with either the included wall adaptor, or with the optionally available accessory 18 VDC switching mode power supply. TENS self-adhesive pads can optionally be used instead of stainless steel pads or handpieces if the researcher desires; these are available from many suppliers on the internet. I can build and supply a set of optional hookup leads for use with TENS pads if needed; see the order page. (Since the TENS pads are widely available elsewhere, I simply do not stock them.)

[TECH NOTE: on using meters on the Auxiliary output]: When a 50% duty cycle output waveform is used, a digital volt meter will typically read 50% of the actual pulse amplitude that would be displayed on an oscilloscope, since it averages everything over a longer measurement period.]

A minimum of internal current limiting is employed in the contact pad output section to protect the internal circuitry in the event of a brief shorting of the hand pieces or contact pads; please try to avoid having this happen for the best extended service life expectancy.


The System 8C EM+ is designed with added special internal circuitry and extended drive capabilities, as well as with the addition of one extra specialized output, so that oneof the EM+ SLAVE SYSTEMS can be used with the System 8CE EM+ to dynamically drive additional sets of plasma tube with either precision synchronized waveforms, or with true phase-shifted (slightly delayed) waveforms. A switch on the control panel selects between the two operating modes. Each EM+ SLAVE SYSTEM is built with it's own switching power supply and it's own Power Output Level setting controls, for the optimum in application flexibility.

The underlying valuable operational capability that this EM+ "Master-Slave" approach implements and offers, is the capability (while driving multiple radiant plasma tubes) to achieve the *precise synchronization of the outputs from ALL of the multiple plasma tubes being driven.* Why might this be a useful capability? In some applications, some researchers have theorized that it may be desirable / more beneficial to avoid 'intermodulation products' - frequencies or waveforms which are the sum, and also the difference, when two different (or non-synchronized) waveforms are radiated or induced in the same target or environment at the same time.

Recently, some researchers have been suggesting research experimentation employing a second 'phase-shifted' resonant plasma signal. In light of the noted adverse body response that can be evoked by the presence of inter-modulation products produced by running different frequencies simultaneously, I advocate an approach that starts from the primary Plasma Resonance generating signal, and then drives the Slave plasma resonance vessels (tubes) at the identical frequency either synchronized / simultaneously, or optionally adds a brief delay / 'phase shift', while still staying exactly on the primary frequency.

The "SYSTEM EM+ Slave System" is now being built with additional signal processing circuitry within it which allows the researcher to select either 'synchronized' or delayed (or 'phase shifted') in the Plasma Resonance from the tubes being driven from the Slave System's tube / tube array. These are very brief delays (or 'phase shifts') of 50nS [nano-seconds or millionths of a second.)

Depending upon the geometrical arrangement of the plasma tube / tube arrays of the Master and the Slave Systems, these coordinated plasma resonance waveforms first 'push' from one tube / tube array from one direction, then push from a different vector / direction from the second tube / tube array. By selecting the phase shift and positioning of the tubes, you can achieve a variety of plasma resonance dynamics within the research subject, from sweeping 'constructive interference reinforcing dynamics', to 'bucking / push-pull dynamics' where the direction of 'push' is reversed 50 nS after the waveform arrives from the master system's tube(s). This opens up intrigueing avenues of induced resonance dynamics research.

Since the slave system's frequency is derived and supplied directly by the EM+ master system, and all of the signal processing is being done within the Master and Slave Systems themselves, the researcher does not need an elaborate frequency generator / frequency synthesizer.

The EM+ Design Concepts / Objectives:

The System 6C, 7C, and 8CE were designed to be able to accept input from a wide variety of frequency generators and frequency sequencers.

The 8CE EM+ is designed specifically for interfacing with a wide variety of external frequency generating equipment, such as the F125 or F165 Frequency Synthesizer / Sequencers, as well as with Computers and a variety of Computerized devices and software approaches, such as the FREX 16 Software available form Ken Uzzell.

Some researchers build playlists of MP3 frequency files; the AUDACITY.COM free trial software ia said to be quick and esy to use to build the specific frequency files (as triangle waves), which can then be played on any device that plays MP3 music files / playlists. This can work very well at minimal cost- as long as the amplitude of the signals from the MP3 playing system is adequate and the waveforms are clean.

After working with the quick and flexible programming software used to drive the F100 series devices, along with the potential for storing literally thousands of frequency sequences of essentially unlimited length, I have to say that I personally preferred the flexability and ease of programming and use of the F100 seried devices. I expect that having the features and capabilities of the F125 available will make it a very versatile and capable device for use with the System 6C ,7C, or 8CE EM+.

Others researchers who already own them are reporting of using the frequency output capability of the FSCAN 2, while some others report using the GENY-2 (PC internal ISA slot frequency generator card). There are also other products which are available and in use by some researchers. The main thing to keep in mind amongst all of the possibilities: The System 8CE EM+ can process inputs from virtually any frequency generator out there. We can provide custom interconnect cables for about anything you might decide to use; inquire.

If you're looking to ease into your research on a more limited budget, keep this in mind: The 6C, 7C, and 8CE EM+ were also originally designed to be able to accept and process input signals / waveforms from newer laptop computers which are equiped with a sound system / headphone output jack. Testing has been done with several different laptops, including a 1600s COMPAQ Presario, a fairly recent model Gateway, and an older Dell Latitude XPi. The FREX 16 software, by Ken Uzzel, may be well worth evaluating; there's an evaluation copy on the included EM+ software CD. It can be registered after trying it for $90.

The 8CE EM+ is also potentially able to accept and process input from portable MP3 players, and from laptop or desktop computers with sound systems playing MP3 format digital music files. Software and information is included in the book supplied with each research system; the book was at over 520 pages in JOctober of 2005, and continues to grow as researchers contribute more research reports and technical discussions.

The 8CE is designed to retain the ability to operate as a Stand-Alone system, by retaining the internal frequency generating capability that has produced such remarkable results with the previous EM+ models. A Frequency reading meter used in this mode to set / verify output frequency selection. I offer a 4-1/2 digit readout meter which I specially callibrate to read within + / - 1 count at 1000 Hz.

The 8CE EM+ retains critical proven design details from previous versions of the EM+ systems that have provided increased operating stability. An RF shielding housing encloses critical signal processing circuitry.

The 8CE EM+ retains a slightly updated version of the Output Power Level setting provisions which I first designed and implemented in 1998, while adding selectable higher output levels on the panel, for maximum plasma dynamics and versatility in research / experimental applications. This feature allows each user to set the system for one of the nine available settings for use at their own personal 'comfort level' when using this resonant radiant plasma system in the contact mode, while also using the stainless steel grounding plate (or when using another plasma tube as a dynamic 'receiving tube' / dynamic active plasma grounding device. It also allows setting for greater plasma dynamics (Radiated E-field Density) when used in the "Radiant Mode".

The EM+ systems have been designed and built to easily drive TWO Radiating plasma tubes. Recent research reports now appear to indicate that increased effectiveness is being achieved, in fewer exposure sessions, by utilizing the multiple tube drive capabilities built into this system.

At the lower center of the System 8CE EM+ control panel, there is also one Output BNC jack that is specificly designed to connect to one of our optional SLAVE Plasma tube drive systems. Use of an optional Slave System allows the researcher to drive an additional plasma tube or pair of tubes simultaneously, with their output waveforms SYNCHRONIZED precisely with the 8CE "Master" system.

The 8CE EM+ also incorporates an expanded capability multi-purpose Auxiliary Output Section. This can be utilised with special optional accessories- either instead of the plasma drive output, or can be used simultaneously, with the output waveforms being synchronized with the Plasma drive output.


There are a compilation of some of the anecdotal research reports I've received over the last ~10 years, accessible on this page. These reports pertain to the use of a variety of experimental research equipment which I have offered to other researchers over the years. While these reports do not 'prove' anything, the do offer insight into how other researchers are achieving their results using the various equipment. These reports also offer grounds for hope, which is also of value.

LYME? A lady by the name of Melody was in a wheelchair with Lyme disease (to keep from injuring herself when she would pass out abruptly and unpredictably in February of 2005, when she received & started using the 8CE EM+ ; by April, she was back out riding the horses with her kids... by November of 2005, she reported being Lyme-free, and has been doing great since. Specificly sequenced frequencies were used as she started out, which produced great results with minimal 'herxheimer' or adverse reactions. She would, in many cases, use two plasma tubes set up vertically in tube support stands placed 90 degrees apart in relation to where she would sit while running the frequency sequences. Sometimes she would also simultaneously use the MagPulse wand on selected areas, such as neck, joints, etc. Here is a compilation of Melody's emails & progress reports from that time period- (I do not have permission to give out her contact information at this time). She had hoped to expand upon these reports, adding further clarification and additional information, but that writing has not yet been completed. Her successful work with many other conditions in both people and animals is very promising, so we continue to wish her well in her efforts to write more of her insights and techniques.


Barry Allred had at one time been offering custom plasma tubes in Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon (as well as in the dynamic "E-Gas" custom Neon-Argon blend) for researchers interested in working with these various noble gases. {Unfortunately, Barry has passed on.]

One leading edge researcher has writen up reports of using THREE 6C EM+ systems simultaneously, each driving two Allred Triple Bubble Tubes in the radiant mode, and using another tube as a dynamic plasma receiving / grounding device in some applications. (Reported results are phenomenal!) The photo below shows the six different tubes, each with a different gas, being driven by the three 6C EM+ systems. (See the 6C EM+ Research Manual for further information and reports.)This type of research approach was the motivation for offering the SLAVE systems, whihc would allow running the full spectrum of Noble gases if desired in a fully *Synchronized* mode, at a lower cost than would be required if setting up and running three 6C, 7C, or 8CE systems together.

The photo below is another view of one researcher's treatment room. The six triple bubble tubes are mounted with plastic microphone stands and booms, so that they can be positioned closely on both sides of the treatment table. The treatment table is made of wood and upholstry, rather than metal. (The computer stand is also wood.) Using tube support stands and furniture that are non-metallic, in our understanding is a good approach to minimizing the absorption and loss of radiated signal strength (which has been observed with test equipment in previously reported tests) when metallic fixtures are used in proximity to the plasma tubes / research volunteer.

TECHNICAL NOTES: Previously written

" Hi Bruce, Could you please describe: what is the EM+ machine? Thank You."

The EM+ is a Resonant Radiant Plasma System, which drives the plasma to resonance directly at the specific selected frequency within the range of ~8Hz to 10KHz+. ( This is commonly referred to as the "Rife Frequency" range). It radiates and induces this plasma resonance into everything within the area for many feet out from the plasma tube.

The approach used in the EM+ systems differs from the technological approach used in the Rife/Bare radiant plasma system design in that it does not need or use an RF carrier. In this EM+ system, high voltage signals, which are generated directly at specific selected frequencies, set up and control the characteristics of the plasma resonance within the plasma tubes. Because of the presence of the magneticresonance aspect of the energy field radiated from the plasma tube in these EM+ systems, it easily penetrates through everything without noticable damping of the signal.

(Since 1998, one doctor in the NE U. S. region has used one of the earlier versions of these EM+ systems by setting it up in a small room on one side of a wall, while having the research subject seated in a chair on the opposite side of the wall. They never actually see the tube, but the wall between does not seem to affect the energy field radiated by the plasma tube. One of his previous patients reports that all of his patients continue to respond very consistently to his treatments, and continue to return for further services.)

NOTE: There are many misleading statements repeated by misinformed marketers, who try to tell people that either an RF carrier or something like a spark gap generated noise signal is required to get penetration, or that it somehow is supposed to be 'enhancing' penetration. From my tests and observations, and after the many years of reports from many researchers on several continents, the information and observatiobns heavily support the exact opposite.

"The cleaner and more controlled the plasma resonance signal radiated from the plasma tube, and the less associated uncontrolled 'noise' present, the more positive the results that are observed, along with dramaticly less of the types of collateral adverse reactions observed which can be experienced with other systems using spark gap generated noise signals and / or RF carriers. "

Additionally, people who already are experiencing some degree of adverse electro-sensitivity reactions from environmental exposures may possibly be able to better tolerate use of a system which has been designed to effectively generate the resonance within the plasma tube without having any noise and / or RF signals added.

Recent reports are now also confirming what has been theorized and observed over the last several years: that in many cases, the body responds more positively, with less collateral adverse reationd experienced, when lower power output level settings are selected. In the midst of the background clammor today of "MORE POWER, MORE POWER, MORE POWER!" that is so prevalent today, this may sound like herasy.... but results speak for themselves.

The EM+ systems offer the unique "Plasma Resonance Optimization Control" which allows you to match and peak the characteristics of the plasma resonance drive signals to the characteristics of the tube (or series of tubes you have chosen to use. ) The plasma resonance characteristics vary noticably between different tubes, arrays of multiple tubes, frequency being run, and power output level selected. This unique plasma resonance optimization circuitry approach and plasma resonance dynamics peaking capability was our innovation in December of 1997, implemented on the earliest versions of the EM+ resonant radiant plasma systems I designed. The approach has been refined in many subsequent circuitry upgrades, to offer the maximum control of the characteristics of the plasma resonance. This plasma resonance radiates from the plasma tube, and is induced into anything in the area.

(Higher harmonics of the primary resonance are also produced and radiated form the resonance set up within the plasma tube; the technical aspects of resonant plasma physics get complex. The research manual that is included with each system touches further on many technical discussions.)

A Tri-Field Meter will display the plasma tube's radiated E-field density at 100,000 volts per meter at a distance of up to about ten feet from a high volume plasma tube driven by this system when running in the most commonly used frequency ranges. It may not be necessary to use maximum outpower in many cases. With multiple outputlevel settings available, it can also be set for comfortable contact mode usage with any tube.

The plasma tubes driven to resonance on the EM+ systems can be used both in a "Radiant Mode", and also can be used applied directly to chosen target areas when desired for even greater amplitude of induced resonance, without danger of the adverse effects of RF exposures and even RF burns that can be a result of use of other 'modulated RF Carrier' based plasma systems which others offer.

Effectively inducing a selected resonance into the chosen area, at appropriate power amplitudes, is what needs to be done to achieve optimum results; The adjustable power output levels available on all of the EM+ systems allows you options, so that you can tailor your usage to rthat which suits your application.

While there is a powerful radiated signal component which can be measured at a distance, the Maximum resonance can be induced when the researcher is both directly in contact with the plasma tube, and also making contact with a stainless steel grounding plate, or with another plasma tube being used as a dynamic 'Receiving Tube'. Many specialized "Plasma Containment Vessel" (tube) designs have been developed specifically for use with the EM+ systems in collaboration with Barry Allred since 1998, some of which exhibit unusual plasma dynamics. Driving two or three plasma tubes simultaneously is now done simply by plugging the tubes into jacks on the control panel, or using couplers; (a photo elswhere on this web site shows 9 plasma tubes being driven by an earlier model EM+ system simultaneously .)

The EM+ anecdotes page on this web site will give you some idea of the results being achieved with these systems, and the frequencies being used.

Elaborate Internal multi-stage signal conditioning / processing circuitry embedded within the 6C EM+ was custom designed to be able to accept many types of (less than ideal) external input waveforms, converting them to produce the uniquely dynamic plasma drive output signals / plasma radiated waveforms which were found to provide optimum results on the previous (non-computer interfaced) EM+ versions. Tests from many signal sources, including a COMPAQ laptop [headphone jack] have processed Sine, Square wave, Triangle, and Sawtooth waveforms, producing a good drive signal for the plasma system.

This is a totally different and unique circuitry design from the circuitry design developed and used in the earlier EM+ systems. A circuitry revision was completed in January 2002, adding the enhanced capabilities of the redesigned High Output Capability Auxiliary Output Section.

With the dynamic variation in plasma drive optimization demands I & other researchers have observed when testing a wide variety of custom plasma tubes, (to achieve maximum available plasma output signal amplitude / dynamics/ plasma radiated E-field strength) and considering the changing optimization requirements of those many tubes as different power output level are selected, the ability to 'fine-tune' the plasma drive characteristics have still been retained in the form of the familiar adjustable 'PLASMA RESONANCE OPTIMIZATION" control which is unique to the EM+ design approach. Peaking the Plasma Resonance Optimization setting (using a special sensor which we also offer) can show an increase in plasma energization / resonance dynamics of as much as 30 % or more, in comparison to other simpler systems which do not incorporate this Plasma Resonance Optimization technology.

For those starting out on a more limited research budget: In reguards to using MP3 files as sequenced frequency sources: "PLAYLISTS" of MP3 frequency files can be sequenced from MP3 player programs. About 100 of the most commonly used frequencies have been built and are available on the CD that is sent with the system, along with some suggestions of software you can use in building more of your own. One example of software which is available for the purposes of building MP3 frequency files is Sound Forge XP 4.5 . This software allows building frequency files fairly quickly.

Creative Labs offers for download (free) the Digital Audio Center, which can convert .WAV format files into MP3 format files, create music / frequency libraries, and build and save 'playlists' - sequences of frequency files to be played as a session.

Feedback from researchers currently working with research systems (which I've provided previously) is valuable and helpful to many, but will not alone provide the answers we'd like to have, in a timely fashion. Other approaches now appear to be necessary. Getting the information into circulation that will ultimately help more people facing serious health challenges- people who's time is running out- should be a priority. While having more research systems out & being used in the hands of researchers around the world contributes to this, much remains unwritten. Hopefully we can make progress in this area.

The following is the understanding under which research devices and materials are able to be supplied to other individual researchers:


" I, the undersigned, hereby affirm that I understand and agree that all research assistance, information, devices, and materials being made available to me as an individual researcher by Bruce K. Stenulson are offered for experimental and research purposes only, and is available only on the basis of this private agreement. (Nothing is offered on a commercial or publicly available basis.) I also understand and affirm that there are no claims of effectiveness, or of suitability for any use or application which are either expressed or implied. The experimental research devices or materials being made available are only offered as a form of private research assistance. I accept complete responsibility for how I might choose to use the materials, research information, or experimental research devices which I request. I understand that research is ongoing, and that while all information may be protected under copyright laws, that any information offered is possibly incomplete, and may not be "scientifically proven" to any standards, but that it is only offered to stimulate further research. I agree to personally participate in the sharing of ongoing research information which I generate. I also understand and agree that Bruce K. Stenulson retains all rights to any and all of his designs, methods, and techniques and other research information that he may confidentially share in the course of any research assistance rendered, and I will not violate those rights, and will also not allow any research devices I obtain to be disassembled, copied or reverse-engineered."

(Let me know what kind of a frequency synthesizer or computer system you intend to use with it when you make your request. )

Also understand that everyone receiving research assistance / equipment is expected to share their research results, in order to accellerate the continued development / evolution of this promising approach to Resonant Radiant Plassma Induced Resonance research. )


NOTE: While there's a lot of opinions offered by different researchers as to many different plasma gas blends you might try, the incredible results being achieved with the higher pressure E-gas tubes we recommend & use seem to speak for themselves. The "Plasma Tube Gallery" shows photos of some of the tubes I've had at various times in the past.

You could fashion you own light weight, take-down tube support stand similar to that shown above if you choose. I use a lab apparatus burrette clamp mounted on a plastic tube support which friction-fits into a matching hole in a support base plate.

The LED light wands are available, and are being periodicly redesigned; please inquire if younare interested.

Devices emitting light in a variety of colors can also be incorporated into custom light wands for those wishing to pursue further research into this fascinating field. The light weight plastic handle allows easy positioning of the LED head against parts of the anatomy which might otherwise be difficult for many of us to easily reach. Light wand designs are also in evolution, and are all built with a special Orgonite core surrounding the LEDs; inquire if you are interested. A booklet of selected compiled Light Therapy research material is included with an order for any light wand.

OPTIONAL EXTERNAL 12 VOLT OPERATION : The System 8CE EM+ is now built for optional use from an external 12 to 15 volt, minimum 5 Amp power supply. This custom feature includes appropriate control panel graphics / labeling, a different three position power switch, an added coaxial power input jack, and an accessory 12 volt 'Car Cord".

An accurate reading frequency reading digital multi-meter is used when away from your computer, in setting a frequency with the manual internal frequency setting controls. The meter is checked for callibration to read frequency at plus or minus one digit at 1000 Hz. These frequency meters are available alone for $110 (plus shipping of $12.00)


Please note: I offer to provide research equipment to individual researchers, at their individual request, as a form of limited 'research assistance'. If, when, and how they then choose to operate such experimental / research equipment is still totally up to them, completely within their control, and beyond mine. Some individuals may need the guidance and help of a health care professional in dealing with their own health challenges, and are urged to find someone they can work with, who will work with them.

I presently offer compiled information in the form of a 611 page research manual; everything you'd probably like to know may not be included within those pages, but it is highly recommended that you read and understand the operation instructions and cautions before operating this high energy system. The manual is available separately for $70.00 which includes Media Rate shipping. Entire chapters remain unwritten at any time... there simply is a lack of time, or a lack of reported research results in some cases. Research continues.

Further Notes: Directions Of Ongoing Induced Resonance Research

The auxiliary output channel implemented on the EM+ systems may lend itself well to certain diagnostic / testing techniques, such as EAV / Biotron testing for body response to specific induced resonances (as well as kinieseology and other testing techniques.) The concepts on which I've collaborated with other researchers, includes using either contact pads / hand pieces, or the pulsed light mode from the high intensity light wand, without the high energy plasma field present & affecting body energy states, while testing for individual body response to specific frequencies.

Scans of frequencies can now be run by software driving the 6C, 7C, or 8CE EM+ in many possible formats in conjunction with these 'body response testing techniques", (as is already being done with current EM+ systems in the hands of some researchers.)

Jon Brooks was the first researcher to offer brief info on the basic technique for monitoring the voltage drop across a 10 ohm resistor placed in the grounded line in a contact pad usage mode might also be of use. More information and observations from other researchers will be offered later, on results already being produced with related testing techniques (such as EAV and GSR techniques), as time allows. If you do a web search on GOOGLE or NORTHERNLIGHT on the subject of "Galvanic Skin Response Testing" and "Electro-Acupuncture According To Voll" you'll begin to find information on this entire field of research.

EAV testing techniques are being used by several researchers to monitor body response to frequencies being induced with the EM+ system. Using these techniques, frequencies for a given individual ar being selected and then 'adjusted' up or down from listed values by as much as ten to twelve Hertz in some cases, in order to obtain the 'maximum body response'.

This also brings up questions as to the possible limitations in effectiveness of the "program it once and forget it" approach, versus the possible enhanced effectiveness of frequency sequences selected specifically for an individual subject on a specific occasion. Reports of changes, and cyclic shifts in frequencies needed to affect a certain condition over time, continue to come in from some researchers. This is an important subject for further research!

While the published frequency lists are a valuable reference and 'starting point' in trying to determine what frequencies might be most helpful to a specific 'research volunteer' on a specific occasion, the addition of these testing techniques may help researchers to achieve greater effectiveness.

Some software approaches available today are limited in their low frequency output capability to about 37Hz, as the lowest frequency they can produce. Research reports continue to show the usefulness of 8 Hz, 10 Hz, 15 Hz, 17 Hz, and 20 Hz. While one DOS based frequency sequencing software package I'm currently testing is limited to 18.23 Hz on it's low end output, other Windows based applications wil easily produce individual frequencies below that. The GENY-2 will produce 1.44 Hz on the low end. This continues to be a very good option.

The subject of selecting the Sequence in which multiple frequencies are run, as well as selecting specific durations for each specific frequency, and the possible implementation of PAUSES within those frequency sequences, needs to be explored further. While this subject has been brought up on the Email discussion lists in the past, few seem comfortable with the questions brought up... We need to pursue this subject in further research.




DISCLAIMER: (let's get this out of the way ): The material presented here is offered for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice, or as a basis for diagnosis ; for that, please consult with your professional health practitioner.

I'm typically backed up for 2 or more weeks or more with prior requests for research equipment and I attempt to complete each request in the order in which the specific payment is actually received (after completing whatever may be involved in previous commitments). It's the only way I can try to keep things simple & fair for everyone I deal with. I try to answer questions on the phone on weekday mornings (mountain time), but am a very slow typist, unable to write long email responses to questions... Please keep in mind that I also need to have some time for myself, my own research, and my friends & family, as well as other obligations. Thanks for understanding.

Also note that I take a break from producing this research equipment each year during February, March, and April, so that I can take care of personal businees and devote more of my energy to my own research and well-being. Any requests / orders submitted during that time period will be completed after I return to production work in early May.

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