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(An introductory note from Bruce Stenulson: )

Fellow researchers,

It seems it's time to share these reports with you; however, I have not yet decided how I might want to introduce this material, as there is a lot of background material that also needs to be written in the process. and while I am incorporating it into the book and passing it along to a few people who have contacted me, it would take a lot of time I don't really have right now to put all of the subtleties into a proper framework.

Melody's dramatic results and the insights she has had in working with the 8CE EM+ are exceptional- not that others are not achieving similar dramatic results, but rather in the way she has been guided to work with the system. I believe that she is a gifted intuitive, and acquainted her with Caroline Myss's work. It struck a cord, and so she is pursuing it further, and planning on taking Caroline's course training people to expand their abilities working as medical intuitives.

Melody is now one more of several people who have had an initial very positive experience running a sequence I laid out in the spring of 2001 for Lyme. Rather than experiencing horrendous detox reactions, she also had "The best day of her life" in several years following the initial session. I'll let her words tell the story for now. I have talked with her several times, helping where I could to put her experiences and insights into a broader perspective, and offering tidbits to help her. Since she has offered so much material already which can potentially be so valuable to others in similar situations, it seems a good thing to be able to expedite her progress as I can when she calls.

I'm hoping each of you are also accomplishing great things!

Be Well!!



Lyme Relief: First session

Dear Bruce,

Melody here with a tally on symptoms and some of the relief I have gotten. Sick with LYME for 2 years.. all the normal symptoms weakness, fatigue, dizziness, sleepy to sleepless, menstrual cycle stopped, dehydration, loss of consciousness, blood in urine numerous, blood pressure high then low, body temp low, kidney pain, progressed to heart and lung irritation and lots of pain throughout my bowel. Loss of taste and still dehydrating and passing out.

The [8CE EM+] machine came and we set up and ran a lyme series after much reading and figuring. All settings were on a power [output level setting] of 100. No grounding plate used, and one double bubble tube [E-gas] was used [in a tube support stand 2 to 3 feet from me.]

625 [kidney stim] 3 min light feeling.....

751 liver stim 3 min burning sensation in L thigh...

[pause ~15 min ?]

864 3 min dull feeling....

744.5 3 min belly tingling...

528 5 min pain in lung relieving, warm face and head....

624 3 min whoozy...

663 4 min want to puke immediate....

494 6 min light headed burning in mid-back...

482 4min hard to tolerate burning in the whole spinal fluid could feel the tip of my tail bone caused tears in my eyes....

326 6 min vibrating in the kidneys knee and ankle L..

435 4 min throat hurts solar plexus....

517.5 4 min spine and ears hurt...

456 4.5 min throat feeling like healing funky.

Stopped the session and felt tired went on with the day. Aggressive tingling burning and awareness of the spine felt until about midnight. 2-17-05

6:22 pm 3 hours of spine awareness like never before Pain for 2 years has been centralized around the kidneys. Pain level is 5-6 right now flaring to 9-10 then a release down to 2. I have been 5-10 range for 2 years.

Each wave I feel more alive and just pure joyful relief.

Throat..I CAN SWALLOW!!!!!! - never realized how constricted my throat has been.

10:00 pm feeling tired..ACHY and very much alive.....I can Taste???? I actually burped!!

Pain is relief pain, not excruciating pain. I finally feel like I will live!!! For so long I have felt that I was going to die at anytime.

2-18-05 Woke up out of pain. I feel raw, NO PAINNNNNN....Head is functioning I actually have a thought. Bruce what you have done here is virtually amazing... I applaud you many times over. will continue with the rest of the family as there are 8 of us. Thanks, Melody

Update 2-18-05 6:00 pm

Bruce treated my daughter 12 year old for strep she had fever of 103.5 at 4:30 after strep 787 and 880 then your lyme cocktail--- fever dropped to 100.0 by 5:00 pm. she had hits on lyme frequencies too....Mom 64 year old is sleeping finally after strep [787 & 880] and chlamydia pnuemoniae treatment with the Mickie cocktail [324, 528, 15]. no coughing hooray....David had hits on all of the lyme series too not as strong as mine but he is feeling less congested in chest. I still feel good. A little tired which is normal. 2 kids to go and we will have success for today. Thank you again. Melody

2-19-2005 8:31 AM


My mother (64) has had uncontrollable diabetes for the past 3 months; sugars all over the place, and never with glipizide, and insulin shots have we been able to get her fasting morning sugar down below 128-148. This morning after running the chlamydia pneumonea, strep routine with the mm3 [324, 528, 15] on only 100 power we got her fasting sugar down to 118. Phenomenal !!!!

Her cough is half today as it was yesterday. Working with it some more today.

Danielle's strep fever of 103.5 is gone; she is 99.0 this morning, her eyes are bright and she is up and about.

Logan, 10 year old, experienced strong hits on the lyme frequencies; he slept great and got up at 7:00. I have not been able to rouse him before 10:00 AM because of poor sleep.

Tess (the 2 year old): ear infection and horrendous nasal congestion: has a little left over drip this morning, but brighter than ever.

I Melody did the mm3 before going to bed and slept better than ever. Still no kidney pain and sweating for the first time in 2 years. Still feel good 2nd day after treatment. No detox that are negative. Symptoms come and go, very light though, not debilitating as they have been. Have a great day..... will write some more later......


2-21-2005 11:36 AM Report

Bruce, Did a series on my 2 year old and 6 year old inner ear infections and strep not responding to 2 treatments of anitbiotics: power on 300, with radiant bulbs, no grounding plate, my kids rolled the ball back and forth while being treated.

751 - 3 min stim liver

625- 3 min stim kidney

wait a little while and then proceed

787- 4 min strep

880- 4 min strep/otitis medinum

720- 4min otitis medinum

1550- 5 min inflammation

316 - 4 min fungus ear infection

232 - 3 hand foot and mouth disease in small children

237 - 3 hand foot and mouth disease in small children

887 - 4 strep gris causes scarlet fever which my 6 year old had picked up in the soil and he is a dirty kid all the time

144 - 4 swollen tonsils

324 - 3 tune up

528 - 3 tune up

15 - 3 tune up

my daughter complained of her ears hurting and after treatment went to sleep for 3 hours. My sons neck swollen glands (very swollen) and this morning it is all gone. will treat again today. no adverse effects. Their appetites are back this morning as well. Look bright eyed.

Melody: Me ran a lyme series 300 power with foot grounding plate radiant bulbs

751 - 3

625 - 3

wait a little while drank water

787 - 4

880 - 4

864 - 5

744.5 - 5

528 - 5

624 - 3

663 -4

494 - 6

482 - 4

326 - 6

435 - 4

517.5 - 4

456 - 4.5

324 - 3

528 - 3

15 - 3

This is basically strep and lyme ran this on 2-19-05 and had some symptoms all day very slight. Woke up and as the day progressed noticed head feeling full and blurry vision in left eye. all my symptoms tend to run on the left. did the mm3 324, 528, 15 for 3 min each and felt better imediately. This morning my back has a 4 inch wide strip of sores along the spine. I believe we killed alot of them and this is the reaction. Will do normalizing yet today and give my body a chance to detox. Drinking alot of water and doing supplements. Also a kidney cleanse. Still more energy than I have had in 2 years and was able to lead my 9 horses out of stalls this morning without feeling weak or faint. What a glorious day it is.

64 year old mother did the fibro series, some strep, and the chlam pneumonea long series, good results we increased

the power to 300 and the grounding pad, double bubbles in the radiant mode meaning on stands.

751-3 min


wait and water

328 - 4

2500 -4

880- 4

2720 -3

2180 -3

120 -3

528 - 3

15 -3

2230 -4

880- 4

624 - 4

620- 4

471.5 - 4

430 -4

324 -3

528- 3


she had a reduction in pain in the chest, reduction in hip pain, cough about 50% less and slept really good. she is a longer response than the kids are. Their bodies just do. Next day did a cough series on her to put her to bed.

751 - 3

625 - 3

wait and water

522 -4

524 -4

525 - 4

146 - 4

1500 -6

324- 3

528 -3

15-3 with mag pulser on sore spot on chest.

She reported not feeling much. Got her to bed and she slept all night no coughing. I've only heard her cough once or twice all morning.

daughter with lyme and strep. Did the same series as me on 2-18.05 no adverse effects. 2-20-05 fever again 100.3 down to normal this morning. The temp dropped with in an hour of this series

751- 3

625 -3


20 -4






528 -3

15 -3

Will write more later...... Thanks, Melody



2-21-05 patient Melody

Had detox come on suddenly. Strip 5 inches wide down my spine with small dime size open sores and many tiny bumps. Went from top of my head down to the tailbone widening over the kidney area. Quite uncomfortable. Headache like swelling in the brain. Did the 324, 528, 15 3 min each and that gave some relief. A few hours later felt flu like, nauseous....did the detox recommended in one article for liver...164-4min, 5227- 4min, 2489- 4 min and then 324,528,15 for 3 min each. This helped tremendously, itching subsided and sunburn pain went slowly away, headache backed down. Again still doing supplements and taking it easy. Quite functional though. Liver is overloaded from 2 years of various antibiotics which is what all lyme patients suffer from I believe. Still no pain in the kidney area that in itself is unbelievable. I'll write again soon!



2-23-2005 Update


Fought candida yesterday on me after doing a strep / detox had bad yeast symptoms in mouth and ears.

886 - 4 min

866 - 4 min

232 - 4

237 - 4

316 - 4

447 - 4 multiple small hemorrhoids- simply gone next morning.

324,528, 15

had strong hits on all of these muscle tingling, ears throbbing could feel them pinging, got hits down through chest stomach and an odd hit on my pelvic bone which has bothered me alot over the years. Much improvement in congestion of the throat. Woke up in the middle of the night with big toe throbbing. Have had toenails removed for fungus 5 times in the last 4 years. did a toenail series

465 - 4

784 - 4

644 - 4

766 - 4

345 - 4

3000 - 4 pain

324,528,15 for 3 each

I held the mag pulser on my toe for all the frequencies, I watched the skin actually boil with 3 white spots at the base of the toenail. the redness went down to 1/4 of what it was and the pain subsided to 1/2. Not the throbbing pain just a bit irritated.

My back is healed, the strip I had down the back slight bumps hardly noticeable. No more sunburn feeling or itching.

David says I have too many things going on. I think all lyme patients go through this yet no one does all the gorey details. Still doing follow ups on the kids. Hayden had a treatment for strep and such good success with my 2 year old everyone is getting the fungus series.

2-22.05 Hayden

751 -3

625 - 3


887 -4

144 - 4

452 - 4

787 - 4

324,528,15 3 each

his was tuning, strep and tonsillitis with the magic 3. He slept really well after.

Did Mom with a detox

164- 4

5227 - 4

2489 -4

686 - 4 urinary tract infection very strong hits on this one for her will follow with more urinary frequencies

324, 528, 15 3 each

David confirmed that the CD was bad. Could you send another one with the F150 when we get that. Thanks, Melody

2-23-05 Update

The nagging foot. treated for several fungal issues yesterday; today just pain. I noticed that some of these frequencies treat shigella which I may have an issue with from traveling years ago in Taiwan and the far east I got a severe case of dysentery. The Hulda book talks about how once you have this it never goes away. Now I want to attack it too. Just in case. Such relief still from the candida today. Foot feels like a detox reaction so will proceed with another lyme treatment tomorrow.

3000 - 4 pain

95- 4

1550- 4

802- 4

776- 4

666 - 4

then a detox

164- 4

5227 -4

2489 -4

Some relief for the foot. Funny though this toenail has not bothered me at all for a long time. Now the whole toe is on fire. Soaked the foot in epsom salt rotating with Ice finally settled down enough to go to sleep. All other issues doing good. Eight days with no antibiotics. Never been able to maintain consciousness this long without them. Hooray. This is working... Definitely feel weak today but no passing out. I would pass out every 2-3 hours on a bad day. Generally had to go in and get iv fluid to recover.

Actually raked some leaves, drove the tractor and cooked again today. Boring stuff I know but when you haven't been able to it is actually exciting!!! I would rather rake any day than be at the doctors office.

Did an antibiotic fungal treatment on Mom upped power to 450 for her





886- 4

866 -4


942 -4 fungal that follows diabetics

634 - 4 nanobacteria

232- 4 fungus

481- 4

544- 4

3966 -4 all of these opportunistic bacteria that like someone who has had a lot of antibiotics


528- 3

15 -3

these last 3 for a tune up.

Had hit on 634 232 and 481 I am starting to follow the line of hits for people. My mom is a hard one she does not give much feed back. Urinary tract infection for many months with no response. Have done many things with some improvement yet the cough still hangs. Going to do a lyme treatment tomorrow now that she is tuned up. I have a feeling she is a long sufferer of lyme. Diagnosed at 32 with unexplained hypothyroid and rheumatoid arthritis. We will see. the urinary tract one is getting some hits on with her. Very vague hits though. Thanks Melody

Bruce, 2-25-05

Well my toe fiasco is interesting. I did a kill for fungus 232, 237 and 316 along with 886 and 866 for candida and the pain in my toe was excruciating. treated it for 2 more days with pain relief and swelling thought it is time for the lyme protocol and did that. Nothing helped. Went to the doctor and he removed the toenail and while doing that 1 tbsp of pus came out what a relief. the toe is healing and a 10 year problem is resolved. I have had the toenails removed 4 times over the years and each time the "fungus" got worse and more voracious. The pus felt like it was going to the bone. Still some more healing to do. but the pain is finally gone. So my conclusion is that I finally killed of the fungus that has been plaguing me and now This toe can heal. Observation over the next few months will tell. I have not been this fast in healing though already walking on the foot and no pain meds on 2-26-05. Melody

3-2-05 Follow Up

Success with my toe. the fungus is dead the toenail gone and healing faster than ever before. question do i keep after the fungus in the toe over time so that the nail comes back ok? I would think so..... (Weekly?)

Kids are all healthy and playing like crazy. It is so good to see after such a long time of illness.

Mom is doing better, cough is gone.

Me another lyme treatment upped the power to 450 and had some strong detox. Fixed with water and rest and a detox series. Still have strip down the back of sores. smaller though and less of them. Do I continue this series and for how long? I am treating every 3 days for myself and every 4-5 for the older kids. Candida is also knocked down. I know I need some time to heal between just don't want to let the buggers get ahead of me.

A side note. all through my illness my blood pressure went up to 160 over 110 and sometimes even higher. Especially when I felt very ill. Now it is down consistently the old pressure before illness. 90/60 more palpitations and 13 days of doxycycline free!!!!

Thanks, Have a wonderful day,,,,

Melody and Family



64 year old mother came to live with us May of last year. She had a urinary tract infection for the entire time which is now 10 months many doses of antibiotics and none of them worked. Just got back from the doctor and her urinalysis came up clean for the first time ever. Again thanks for the help with this. I know her sugar will just get better and better now that the infection is over.

David has had neck pain non stop for 6 months. That is gone. Completely...... Still doing treatments on us all.

Feeling better every day. Talk to you soon.

Melody and Family


The kids and the girls and I.

Doing the lyme treatments and followed up with Greensboro doc. His response is treat for 6 weeks on this same frequency. Plan on meeting in person at the end of 6 weeks. Do milk thistle, cats claw and continue with the stone free cleanse. I can tolerate these now as well as adding vit c powder I mix with water. Before treatments with the em I could not tolerate any of these!!!!!

In the meantime we are treating for adenovirus which is 333, 523, 786, 768, 959, 962, followed by the 324,528, 15 all done at 450 power and for 3 minutes each. This had a profound affect on the muscle tremors, headaches and overall flu feeling which was much more than a detox I had experienced in the past. Did detox first waited a few hours and normal food and supplements. Treated for some more candida frequencies with no effect. Then did some seizure frequencies and no effect. 329, 226, 953 @ 450 power for 4 min each.. The adenovirus I picked out of the list from the peeling the onion process. Working on Lyme first then looking at viruses and fungus. I have noticed that for me everything in my past that may have bothered me in a small way has been magnified 10 x with the effect of the lyme itself.

My kidneys were the first thing to continually bother me, then my lungs, sinuses and ears. Candida has alot of these symptoms, digestion has been bad. Travelling I picked up dysentery in Taiwan and it really knocked me out many years ago. Hulda Clark made a reference to shigella infection and how it can wait till your system is down and then resurface. After doing the adenovirus I took a nap woke up and still felt bad. Doing water, water, water..... this usually always helps.... Headache very severe, thought do shigella see what happens..... 621,762,769, 770, 1550, 802, 832, all @ 4min on a power of 450 with feet on the grounding pad 324,528,15 for 3 min @ 450 power setting feet on the pad. The series was heavy hits on all in my belly, lungs, liver, and kidneys. All symptoms gone..

Through my research I feel I have reached the conclusion treat lyme, always first, look at your history, I know all the illnesses per se and experiences I have had. Listen to your instinct on a hit. The machine lets you know if it is a hit or not. My experience is the frequency list is extremely overwhelming. Peel the onion. Don't give up if there is a set back. Work the process of water, treat, take care of yourself, more water, treat, and enjoy the relief......and read read read!!!

A personal note about treating others, My father in law has battled cancer for many years.. Lots of years of remission and this last two years he has gone down hill fast. The denial his wife has is utterly overwhelming.. Found out today that the doctor's told him he has tumors in the liver, kidneys, lungs, and the utmost one in the brain. His response to the suggestion of this machine is "We believe it has helped you. That is wonderful and we are choosing to stop treatment. END OF STORY" The doctor's say there is nothing left to do.. Even after offering to fly there and help out with a machine. No such luck..... They don't believe that there is anything that will help. I feel extremely saddened by this, I remember the feeling of not believing I would live.... Thoughts of "If I die I have lived a wonderful life....believing I would not see my 2 year old grow up"....

How to communicate to a person especially a family member that there is help and hope and a future.... utter despair......

Tomorrow is another day and Thank God my children, husband and I will see it. I Thank you Bruce and Mary without your commitment we all would not have a life.

Melody and Family


So much news. Did roundworm series on miniature horse to see what results we would get. Shocker. After series horses hair falling out in huge patches... Several days later bugs crawling all over the horse. Waiting to hear from vet and also treated with some more internal wormer. Animal is brighter after treatment she justs looks really scary and she has actually put on a little weight. Also eating well.....

Did a lyme series on me and found that the series sent me for a brain swelling, vision blurry, and my spine was on fire. Not a normal detox. All around my heart hurt. Nothing helped... normalizing, nope, which usually helped nor did any of the basic helping series like 324, 528, 15 did a thing. Tried resting nothing. Looked up encephalitis and found the frequency small relief. Kept looking for anything with encephalitis. Remembered a conversation about rickettsia diseases that follow or run with lyme. Tried Rocky Mountain 943 also says leukoencephalitis, when I turned on the machine I felt as though someone was choking me. It knocked me back into the chair. needless to say a BIG HIT.

I could feel it all around my heart and was so thankful it was releasing the pain. Followed with 528 and let it run and could feel the heart emptying out the back of some sort. Releasing releasing..... Then on 15 just relaxation. I lived on this for a couple of days. Got scared and didn't want to do anything else. Time for another lyme series and I looked at the machine with a new light. Did the lyme and added on some meningitis, leucoencephalitis and a few extra detox with the series to help. Next day felt like I haven't felt in 2 years. Each week the level of energy rebounds. Put up fence, (couldn't do any heavy lifting, but could tolerate outside and walking and pounding nails). The next day rode my horse (for 15 min) could not even think of that a month ago. Digestion is getting stronger especially after the 943 and some follow up detox. The wonderful saga goes on....

Tess, did a radiant mode lyme on her and she had a entire body rash the next day. Scared us. As we are looking at the rash and I tell my husband to get the camera, in the time it took to get the camera the rash faded before our eyes.

Followed with a detox. 164, 5227, 2489, 324,528,15 all 3 min. She is fine now. I use extra caution with the kids. I follow them like a hawk... They are more vulnerable and less communicating sometimes....

Grandma's sugar is at 105 in the am now. Slow progression and that is how I like it. She has subtle changes which fit her personality perfectly. Cough is completely gone with a follow up lyme on her. Did alot of cleaning before I did the lyme. Very little detox for her which is good. Funny in the beginning she was super cautious about the machine and after seeing what I have done and the good for the kids, she bugs me every day "Is it time for my treatment yet"

I ask her do you have any hits mom and her response is always not really, don't feel a thing. Are you sure this is on??? And the next day she is brighter and less in pain. Pretty good!!!

Have to go the kids are going to eat off my legs if I don't feed them. Thanks again for your support...It is priceless!!!!

Say "Hay" to Mary!!!!




Thanks Bruce for sending me Dr. Kenney's e-mail. He will undoubtedly be sharing more info with me in the future.

The horse is looking better today. We got more info from our vet and fungus and mites still need to be ruled out. Now we have to bath all the horses in a solution to kill the lice and whatever eggs they may have. Lots of fun....

It was not a harmful treatment in any way, she has gained weight. I will pursue more freq on her over the next few months.

Doing detox today otherwise things are quiet thank God......

Talk to you soon



Want to start this report while it is still fresh in my mind. Haven't written for a little while doing some research. As we spoke last our water is contaminated with pesticides. Health department not worried everyone around here says oh well??? Just dig a deeper well, didn't you know to do that. So Bizzare.....

Anyway the detox is quite wild. I did the mercury lead detox for two days and had severe pain in the liver and kidneys. Would buckle me to my knees. Decided to back off a little and let the ole noggin figure it out.

My findings so far on treatment for lyme and various other ailments. Keep in mind this is my approach this works for me. Have been running the basic lyme on myself every 3-4 days. The lyme day is a kill day and I have the machine set at 450 power I run the kill in the morning so I have the day to chase detox issues. Always run detox at a lower power 300. Generally they can be anything from heart pain to feeling a swelling in my brain. Most effective are herpes freq, mycoplasma fermentens, candida, leuckoencephalitis or meningitis frequencies. It does not really matter which ones. I make a blend of detox especially for the liver lymph and then run whatever the symptoms are telling me. Usually 3-4 of a set is good enough. I end every treatment with some sort of well being circulation or regeneration.

I have found that treating myself for 20-40 minutes 3 times a day is the absolute ultimate. I can survive with one treatment if it is an off day. As I started to feel better I have gone after strep and staph completely. Then liver flukes general flukes is what brought up the issue of the water being the culprit. I have been on bottled water for 6 days while doing detox and the change and strength I have are amazing. Uremia is an interesting detox help. I always add a rocky mountain spotted fever and some rickettsia freq. I know this sounds all over the place but that is where this keeps taking me.

Whatever I find a hit on I follow the freq for a few days till no more hits. The hits usually clear after 2-3 sessions. I try to follow my gut instinct and I break down treatments into smaller segments rotating through several symptoms. This digging approach has resolved several issues and brought up several more.

Items in resolution:

Lyme knocked down some.... Joint pain, headaches, neck pain, inability to walk very far are much improved.

Rocky mtn spotted rash was all over my lower legs, I believe more erlichia like rash. Somewhere in between the two... boil like sores are shut down and dissappearing. Over 40 days since a new one has appeared.

Fungal infection in toenails: First week of treatment had to have it removed pus yuck. Toe is healed and waiting for new toenail to come in, feet are actually nice looking with skin feeling soft again. Clean pink toe again.

Kidney pain comes and goes. Nowhere near before treatments. Water issue will help with this one. I can tell when they are filtering better and when they aren't. Improvement daily with this.

Heart palpitations blood pressure: One large episode in 35 days. Did not pass out though. Blood pressure is back to normal of 90/60 and very consistent. I do alot of circulation frequencies.

Headaches: effected by several issues...I have a good slow resolution with the severity dropped significantly.

Muscle tremors: only 1 large episode of about an hour had to do with water consumption.

Digestion: Candida a big issue still my tongue is about half the size it used to be throat swelling is down able to swallow so much better. Still use acidophillus and treat often. Much help with this I have a bland diet though and stay away from sugar. Bowels are much more regular.

Feelings of fear and dying are getting better all the time. They hit me quite hard sometimes after a lyme series. Just recently I have been directed more to the normalization frequencies. Will see how they help.

Stress: getting better all the time. I have learned to take care of me so I can take care of my kids and family. The challenge is always to get a bit of rest in between it all. I say no quite easily now. I listen to myself much more. I enjoy the little things in life soooo much more. I actually let a hay contract go for this year so that I can back down some. Very difficult.....Take deep breaths HA HA I am actually joking and laughing again. My husband got layed off this week and my response was "let's take a vacation" I would have died two years ago..

My theory out of all of this is kill, stimulate, regenerate, drain, drain, stimulate and end with regenerate. Using the magpulse on the chakra points while doing all of this gives great relief.

Working on some theories for children.. more later. Got to go to bed...

Talk to you soon,

Thanks to you both!!!! Melody

4-15- 05

Bruce and Mary,

Happy Tax Day!!! Just letting you know that big improvements this week for Me... This is usually my die week and so far good success. Lots of success with Coxsackie virus which hits the heart and salmonella, herpes epstein barr, much better on the detox issues. Getting smarter all the time can tell from symptoms much quicker than before. Cryptoccoccus neoformans bad yeast is the one that is giving me some great relief. Chemtrail detox and pesticide detox 73 26 6 1 much easier than the mercury detox routine that one hit me too hard. Have made a new lyme series which I run today. Will let you know what happens. Pelvic pain all gone.... Normal period....

Treating other people very successfully. Found that not much happens with people until I run a lyme basic which I call the treatment you set up. Then all kinds of success with hitting strep, staph, and any candida, sinus, fungus or other virus that may rear up.

My mom is progressing well with her sugar. Consistently going down was running 126 -134 then went to 118-124 and now it is running 102-108 I love it nice slow decline. No big crashes with her. Power setting is at 300, 450 seems to bother most of us right now. 324 528 15 have mellowed her blood pressure along with cleaning liver and kidneys. OHHHH I almost forgot I actually got a fever this week after an immune stimulation series with some kidney support. 3 hours later I had a real fever which I just let run for quite a while. My body is waking up and actually fighting again. So excited to have my immune system coming alive. Still doing herbal cleanses. That is all going so much better.

Kids remain healthy. Psorriasis in my 9 year old is gone after doing ascaris, pinworm, roundworm and strep staph. I have to say the ascaris roundworm is what did it. I did the strep staph on everyone for good measure.

I met a person who is 42 years old became mysteriously ill and has progressed in two years to feeding tube and cannot speak. No firm diagnosis... but doctor's now believe it could be ALS.. My intuition after meeting and talking with he and his wife shockingly LYME DISEASE. Many tests and not one confirmation on anything he just doesn't meet the "criteria" for any real disease!!!???? Hope to get them on a machine in the near future. Will let you know. They were still in doctorland and hopefully they will come out. I don't know. Time will tell..

Moved my machine so that I can do detox and stimulation and other things while laying down in bed. This is such luxury. I wake up feeling soooo good. Don't do much but just enough to tune and help with anything that comes up.

Hope all is well with you. I know updates are a bit sketchy. Let me know if you want more numbers or not. Can do that too. I am enjoying feeling well busy time preparing for hay fields and still trying to get a new well put down.

Talk to you soon,

Melody and family



Couldn't wait to talk to you so thought I would write. Followed intuition with Barry. This man could not eat anything very difficult speech and lost 1/2 his body weight. Feeding tube in stomach. After going over all his medical records and getting a detailed history found out he had massive exposure to chemicals working for Monsanto, a paneling company and various other solvents over the last 15 years. His labwork was not conclusive on anything. Did not fit the criteria for the numerous diseases he was tested for. Got him started on juicing down the tube, acidophillus and pedialyte as well as aloe vera juice.

Four days later did the first treatment. Your lyme treatment. Talked quite a bit before and listened very closely to speech. Very garbled not able to understand at all. Did treatment. Hits in the brain immeditely on first lyme number. Went on from there and he had hits on all lyme numbers. Finished treatment asked him several questions during and after and speech was sound legible. Hard to describe, noticed 1/10th improvement. Left and came home told them to call me at 10:00 just to check in. He ate soup down his throat for the first time since March 15. He drank juice and some water. No problem getting it down. Before would make him gag and throw up. They got down some more spirulina a powder protein drink that I used for a while and some more liquid.

I know this isn't much, but very exciting for all..... He has been told over and over he is going to die in 2 years and there is nothing anyone can do. Again thanks for the support and your wonderful technical mind. Say Hi to Mary and will follow up soon. Several in neighborhood working on money and I will keep you posted about machine. Sweet dreams or good morning whichever it may be!!!!




More to report. The next morning they reported he slept for the first time in months. Four hours of uninterrupted sleep. He got up only for the bathroom and went back to sleep for another 3 hours. He has not slept any length of time for months. The first treatment was power at 300 with double bubble in front of him and to the side due to the chair arrangement. Feet on the plate. I ran the

751 3 min

625 - 3 paused for 5 minutes or so for him to sip water.

Then ran

864 3

744.5 3

528 5

624 3

663 4

494 6

482 4

326 6

435 4

517.5 4

456 4.5

324 3

528 3

15. 3

The next day we ran some things trying to clean kidneys and test some other numbers mycoplasma is always an indicator of lyme. Have had people that show nothing on 2900. Several uses I am sure. I am looking at lyme, als numbers and finding hits to tell me which way to go.

Malabsorption helped me alot and 10000 is always a number I want to throw in. Will use those soon. I used the magpulse wand on his neck for all frequencies. Moving from side to side, front and back. At ten o'clock this night he ate soup, his boost and drank water down the throat. Did not use the tube at all. Was very relaxed and dosing in the chair off and on. Many muscle tremors, neck issues, digestion and brain issues here. Work on them slowly and methodically. Doing another treatment today.

751 tuning

625 for 3 min tuning

444 3 for kidneys

440 3 for kidneys

528 5 healing regen

624 6 chlamydia neoformans yeast

663 3 many uses

2900 6 diagnostic and mycoplasma and als number (big hit) mycoplasma big hit for me too

2720 4 muscles healing

326 6 swelling of the brain always a big hit

880 4 for strep and general inflammation

727 4 for strep and general inflammation

787 4 for strep and general inflammation

456 4.5

324 3

528 3

15 3 always end with these if I can hits circulation regeneration

My theory is the bulbs tell me when someone is having a hit or not many hours of watching the bulbs and the sound of the machine. It sounds different when there is a big hit. The bulbs do different lights too. I have actually gotten a yellow green spiralling bug line in them on certain issues. Light blue generally means clean, pinkish purple is a hit too. Usually with what I call a bug line. Then there can be a pulsing bug line. Where you actually see it bursting and rebuilding. A concentric swirling whooshing around the bubble is another kind of hit. These are my observations and have had alot of success following the bulbs. One bulb is generally the kill bulb and the other the base or ground if you want to call it that. Therese had many hits on the lyme numbers too. I think she will be feeling better in a while too. Talk to you soon..... Melody



Decided to hit general flukes more after reading more of hulda's book. Ran a couple of the first numbers on general flukes and it actually paralyzed me my head went down no ability to pick up arms or move legs. Could still talk got one of the kids to stop the session. Ran 10000 and that brought me back followed by 6000, 5000, 3000. Obviously had to back off. Found the number. Looking at detox. Heavily loaded with pesticides. So we have dropped the water, then did a test on my supplements and found them to be chemically sensitive to me.

Went into the grocery store down the bleach aisle and wow. Have been walking around for months not able to figure out why I keep passing out. Got rid of the heart palpitations doing coxsackie, herpes, strep, staph, echo, ebstein barr, encephalitis and meningitis all of them. Salmonella and shigella many times. Cleaned many bacteria viruses, candida, now flukes. Need to be on the hulda herb routine so ordering stuff this week.

Got going on the parsley and I am doing the animals all of them. Cows don't like the parsley as much but too bad. Chickens love the parsley itself and the juice. Family is not happy with the new herbal routine. Lemon juice great vit c natural, Juicing.... I can do it again.... Staying away from the heavy sugar ones though. Trying chlorella for detox on me. Numbers help too for detox. This heavy metal detox is a troublesome one. I walk by anything with chemicals and I react. Blood brain barrier absolutely gone. Had many teeth pulled and a partial put in many years ago, but it is removable so I hardly wear it anymore because it is of metal. Very powerful to know that I can stop the passing out with staying away from chemicals and the paralyzing is much less than before. I was having seizure like activity and now it is a 5 min can't move arms or legs but I can talk now while it is going on.

Animals have a whole new light now too. Looking at many safe alternatives to use with them. Herbs for worming and re-evaluating the shots that they too receive.

Mini-horse that had lice is now lice free. She lost alot of hair and weight. Realized that the permethrin I gave her pretty much poisoned her. Knowledge.... Parasites are eating all of them alive. The wormer that the vet gave was too strong for them and have put all on a herb program as well. Will take a long time to heal them too. Limiting my exposure to the animals is not really an option. Figuring out though that they keep infecting me. Roundworms, ascaris, flukes they have it all. Much more diligent with the sterilizing of hands with grain alcohol. Will see how it goes.

Wonder about this farming stuff much more now. Have been speaking with farmers about stopping the use of pesticides. Will I survive the other farmers still using it if I don't. Live by example. Hay production is important. Go to a pesticide meeting will have lots to say there if someone isn't covered with the stuff and I can actually speak. HA HA...... Many wells around here are polluted and many people have odd health issues. Very scary.... Is this the only place or is this how it is everywhere!!! I love Hulda's suggestion.... JUST MOVE!!! I can't do that....I want to clean up the area. THis stuff is everywhere.

Better note.. Mom's sugar is consistently dropping by small numbers.. Kids are healing still dealing with lots of parasites. Big Job.... Will keep at it though one step at a time. Starting wheatgrass next week for chlorella. I like Hulda's persistence and digging attitude she has inspired me to get our lives cleaned up as much as we can. David's dad is on number 4 of 6 chemo. Still very negative about machine. Saddens the day some... Yet helping others like Barry give me a lift. My daughter Danielle came with me to treat Barry and we left were driving away and she said"YuH know Mom some day this machine is going to be in everyone's house" I said maybe.... She said You are saving this man's life aren't you??? I said Yes in some ways Yet if he wasn't open to the idea we wouldn't be able to do a thing. She at twelve is learning to run and operate the machine and treat people. It is a happy day!!!! Talk to you soon...

Say Hey to Mary....

Melody and family

4-26 05


More info... Doing treatments for 2 months now. Have found that the basiclyme series is a great place to start on all levels of patients. It opens up doorways that would remain closed otherwise. My digging and interviewing and medical histories tell me that we all have some level of lyme in our bodies from a very young age. This level of disease is kept at bay by our immune systems level of nutrition, stress factors and simply time. The precursor to the next level of disease then precipitates or moves to the next level when triggered by an accident, illness, severely stressful event. This disease is transmitted by fleas, lice, mosquitos and of course ticks. Sexual transmission is also an absolute, via placenta is probably the most interesting. My mother who is 64 has suffered with this disease from a very young age. I believe I got it from her. It stayed dormant and showed up several different times in my life, but then came out at age 42 for the big kill. My children all 6 shows symptoms to varying degrees. The biggest challenge for our family is to get me better or we thought. Now I realize it is getting all of us healthy. Men are showing this disease in different ways than women. I am sure you have heard all this and again this is real life experience for me so it is probably redundant to you. I have studied and talked with as many people as I possibly can. There is a clinic here in NC that is working solely with Lyme patients. They do an extensive survey with medical history and are treating rather unsuccessfully with antibiotics. Their calculations show that only 1 out of 200 patients with clinical presentation ever test positive for lyme. Therefore numerous people are walking around or riding in a wheelchair and have been told that they just don't know what is wrong with them. They don't get any treatment. Or like me they get inappropriate treatment. The numbers are staggering in NC alone.

New note... Have been researching the effectiveness of running series and being able to live life and function. The lyme kill every 3 days needs to be pushed to 4-5. The amount of numbers is also tricky. When treating someone with lyme the 3-4 numbers per session is about the level of tolerance. Starting with a 3 min kill and working up to a 5 min kill and then completeing with a 7 min kill is the healthy way to go. Again people are different and yet I have found this universal on men, women, children, very sick, somewhat healthy you name it. If you do a string of numbers and do not include detox circulation, as well as regeneration and healing in the series detox is quite severe. I am living proof. I did a kill yesterday of 7 numbers for lyme, then killed 8 numbers from a parasite, heartworm and just ended it with 324 528 15. The storm started about 2 hours after treatment and continued all through the night. Swelling in the spinal column, brain soreness, effecting vision, motor function, walking, swallowing, fog, not able to focus. Have done a similar series and included detox like 624, 324 326, regeneration like 528, 2720 266 , 35 724 for clarity 10000, 5000, 6000, 3000 are very effective run in that way for 5 min each. These numbers restore equilibrium. My research points to the very necessary treatment plan that includes minimal detox. Which allows all of us to function and get back to our lives and still effectively treat and conquer this disease. This is not saying that you can replace these numbers for cleaning up environment in any way. Nutrition, water, poisonous substances, and simply rest. The numbers help the healing curve so that your body can do what it needs. This machine helps my body rest better and therefore fight off what is necessary. In the treatment pattern I see the need to chase bacteria, viruses, fungus mold whatever decreasing with each passing week. I feel my body starting to fight off these things on its own. I just help it with the decrease in viral or bacterial load and organs working better as well.

So far this machine is effective in treating, lyme, strep throat, swollen tonsils, candida or thrush or sores in the mouth, skin irritation of any kind, PAIN, relieves it like no medicine in the world, headaches, ALS, digestion, urinary tract infections, menstrual lack of and pain related, diabetes, sore overused muscles, sinus, psorriasis, spinal cord inflammation, detox of heavy metals.... and the list just goes on.... Most things are resolved in 2 treatments... The ongoing lyme kill is resolved in two treatments... a new level opens up and if you repeat the treatment with new options very very effective. Like Hulda Clark I find it exciting to live in the question. Her analysis of which comes first the parasite or the pollutant. It is a concurrant thing. Neither would thrive without the other. Staying away from and clean up the body of pollutants this is absolutely necessary. Yet disease would not progress to the level it does without the bug. Very exciting to see health restored and know that it is possible to stay that way.

Another note. After running many parasite, animal related, finding that we are not nearly as infected as I would have thought. We have many animals, they are now on Hulda's parasite cleanse program as well which will make that even more efficient. I do agree though with her as to keeping the animals outside. Some people I see and treat are much more infested when the cat or dog lives in the house. That goes along with treating the animals for parasites before I knew about Hulda's treatment. I am sure more will be uncovered as time goes on.

Barry.....Treating every day. More improvement on swallowing, he is juicing and able to do 8 oz at a time and have no trouble swallowing. We tried rice in a paste yesterday and the pieces bothered him so we used the tube instead. Some of this is fear of throwing up. We do little bits and push the envelope every day. As soon as he is not comfortable with it we back off. His eyes are bright and clear compared to first day. Tracking things communicating more with his eyes. Words are muffled yet we use certain words over and over, he told me yesterday to change hamburger to T-bone instead. I thought that was pretty good. Sleeping is much much improved. He slept till 11:00 two days in a row and went to bed at 11:00. Which has been unheard of. Blood in stool is gone. That was every day. Now 3 days of clean bowel. I attribute that to shutting down bowel inflammation, and acidophillus, aloe vera juice and something other than boost in his system. He is getting up and down 2-3 times more each day and set up a plan to walk to the door and back which he is doing. Gets very tired but he can do it. His grip is a little improved. Very happy with progress so far. Magpulse wand on the neck and chakra points.. he falls asleep with this and wakes occasionally to a hit. His hits are very small great that he feels things though. Worried about nerve regeneration. I know that he is the picture of me if I would not have gotten treatment. Similarities are very close to home. Will keep you posted. Talk later.... Say Hi to Mary....

Melody and family


Bruce, I take back the issue about worms.. Just pooped out a toilet full of threadlike worms too many to count. After running the heartworm loa loa yesterday and the day before......Very enlightening....literally...I think circulation and heart issues may finally be on the resolve...I feel lighter than I have in years almost not in my body. We have been tearing out carpets and laying hardwood floor all week...Can't wait till that is done.. This is all very exciting!!!!! Talk to you later....


June 13, 2005

Another update....Barry has successfully come off of the coumadin and dropped the heart med in half...

Blood pressure is very normal and lungs are doing better...Thyroid and teeth infections are the biggest issues now. He cannot tolerate having teeth pulled. Have him on lots of herbs from good sources and doing cleanses. Many throat symptoms flare yet little improvement. Chasing so many parasites and bacteria and viruses. Supposedly ALS yet does not have hits on most of the ALS numbers. Environment is an issue and food sources seem to be the biggest culprits. Will keep plucking away..

You would have been proud of me at the doctors offices... Saw several nurses that told me that my quality of life was to be in a wheelchair and passing out and just get used to it. Poetic justice when they can't really place where they saw me as I do not look like the same sick person anymore. Obviously walking, vibrant and beautiful again..definitely a little older and wiser hha!!

Tristan my 6 year old got a stick in the eye and it tore up his eyeball.. Went to the emergency room and they saw a hole in the globe..One of the reasons been offline lately..Did 2 treatments a day and kept the eye surgery doctor amazed at how well the eye healed and put it off to his being young and how well the young heal..I think I know better...

Mom is an interesting the place of need to back down off of meds and she is not willing.. so just keep her pain free and make meds work better...clear of parasites infection pollution from her combination of meds

still an issue...

Me.... all clear on most issues... Still am amazed. I started treating February and it is now June. I made a mental note. Very amazed at the continued progress with me and my family. Still sensitive to heavy pesticides, but can tolerate just need to avoid. Kidneys are still clearing a little, they act up a little every now and then. Cleanses have helped a lot... Fairly clean on lyme and Rocky mountain was the biggest issue for

me..Stamina is not quite there yet...definitely not in a wheelchair and passing out is a vague memory. Pain not an issue..

New insight with people can pretty much tell what they have going on with them right from the

start.. A little odd hits about total strangers walking by and I can see it in their eyes...otherwise enjoying life and very functional. I hope you guys had a good vacation...looking forward to one myself....machine is

working well, many days I have a traffic jam at the house.

Oh you'll get a kick out of this one.. Went to a birthday party in Raleigh at a friends house and had the machine in the car cuz I just finished treating we pull in the driveway and another nurse friend of mine says there is a family friend of theirs upstairs who was in an accident with a motorcycle...Needless to say she asks my advice on bandaging she brings her bag of concoctions and she gives me the look and says Do you have "IT"? I said do you mean "the big guns". She says yeah bring them on......Hilarious Bruce I walk upstairs and give this guy a 5 minutes speal and set up the guns and in 40 minutes knocked out many possible infections he either already had then tune his kidneys, liver, lymph and swelling and inflammation. Meanwhile the party goes on downstairs and her and I go down pack the guns away and dance a little.....hope to hear from you soon you sounded kinda down last time I spoke with you.....Hope you're doing better....

Talk to you soon

Having lots of fun

Melody and family


Glad to hear all is well...the web pages did come up after a little

while..things have been pretty hectic around here too..Have been busy

treating playing and just living life...many exciting things happening with

the machine as far as diagnostic issues and deeper problems with more

resolution. Chars numbers have shown a bizarre effect on the lyme disease.

The day of the treatment no real side effects same with the next day then

watch out. Hit real hard on some of the lyme as well as erlichiosis

numbers. Have done 2-5 numbers randomly and 5 seems to be the limit I can

tolerate. Deep down clean though once I come out of it. Liver and kidneys

take a big hit though...Still quite chemically sensitive.. Have to watch

foods and pesticides being sprayed all over the place..Not good when driving

down the road and all of a sudden wham...

Barry the friend with ALS has moved in with us...doing treatments 2-3 times

a day..couldn't convince the relatives to buy a machine so did the next best very tired going over there and chasing things can definitely

stay more on top of things..have learned my lesson though about people being

responsible for their own health i guess I'm kind of stubborn that

way.....he keeps deteriorating..hits on alot of lyme and so many parasites

bacteria viruses and fungus...He is barely able to get up out of a recliner

and hands are useless now. Doing lots of detox and lyme kills

regularly..Have been treating for quite some time without real turn around.

He definitely has good days..the pain level is down to a 2...Can't seem to

find the connection that pulls him out much criticism from the community as

they are big in the local neighborhood something I didn't realize in the

beginning..Dowsing for barry has been interesting and insightful. exploring

always with that... feel very much in a fish bowl with many people and way

to many opinions..builds character though ha....Children are doing

good..they respond to herbs and treatments so wonderfully my

inspiration..Mom is so much better down off of insulin and less heart

medication..get a kick out of talking with the doctors and the confusion on

their faces when her sugars seem to stabilize and have come back to

normal..did alot of lyme for resolution as well as the digestive enzymes and

chromium...She hugs me every night after taking her sugar and says with a

big smile on her face "I don't need any insulin" Makes the fish bowl

feeling disappear.. started a quick note as always get carried away...hope

to hear from you soon...any new publications coming your way would like to

hear them...toying with the idea of setting up a many people

suffering and so little time...supporters want me to set up clinic as people

find the machine difficult to comprehend...have shown several people what it

is and they pull back with a great deal of confusion...Am baffled by the

expression of "you want me to do what????"

OH WELL...Talk to you soon...

Have a great day!

Melody 9-7-2005

Bruce and Mary,

Well Barry and his wife went home Wednesday...Against all medical advice...His feeding tube started to deteriorate and his progression continued with weakness, arms losing all control, legs starting to buckle. He refused to do the herbs and didn't want any more treatment. [His wife went a bit crazy accusing me of making the disease progress faster than it would have. Much more than that but no need to elucidate. Not a pretty picture. Very much denial.]

The home health care nurse came out with a physical therapist to evaluate his condition. They both were amazed that he had not had to see a doctor in 7 months. They wanted to know what I was doing as most people see a doctor every 2 weeks at this point.

When they left we were at 22 feet of evacuated tapeworm. Numerous really strange things coming out of the bowel. He was overloaded with lanthanide metals from his plastic teeth with root canals. His throat completely cleared and he could have swallowed but refused to. I identified flukes in the brain, and huge tapeworm disease along with hiv like syndrome. Lyme was a large component very positive on erhlicia, babesia and bartonella.

All in all I spent 7 months treating him every day and put probably a thousand dollars worth of herbs and vitamins down him yet we still had failure. God definitely has a different plan. The biggest part of the picture though was and still is complete denial from he and his wife. The tapeworm actually freaked them out and I have to admit I have never seen anything like it. His bowel could not have had much room left to it and I think once the tapeworm expelled his body couldn't handle the trauma. Hulda says most people don't die from the cancer ie whatever they die from the toxic overload on the body. I have to agree.

The nursing staff basically told me they could not force help on them. It was their choice to go home and not the hospital. I have to agree with that. Also that I was liable if they fell in our home and they wouldn't not lift him and put a catheter in so he could get some relief from having to get up and pee. They then quit putting water in to relieve the peeing that started dehydration and atrial fibrillation. So he left me in a state of dehydration and atrial fibrillation after all the times of shutting down all the detox and bringing him back stable. I

will tell you though I learned alot about the [EM+] machine and how to shut something down on someone else. Dowsing saved my butt numerous times. I know I sound rather crass but I think I learned my lesson you can't kidnap someone and force treatment on them either HA!!!! Whatever you do don't move them into your house and do everything for them HA!!!

Intention and discovery is a necessary part of recovery. The uphill battle of trying to convince someone that the [EM+] machine is valid and very very effective is huge. Even with the absolute results sitting before them they still remain in denial. Once again though, this machine is phenomenal and extremely effective. If only people would get out of their own way WOW....Thanks for listening to my angst. The rest of us are very good here.. enjoying every day..picking out halloween costumes.. D. is going to be a gorilla wearing a pink bra and tu tu..and T. is his little princess. Hope all is well with you talk soon..

Melody and family 10-16-2005


Got your e-mail today...very exciting as I have some research to report...

The lower power setting of 300 is much more beneficial to all around the machine.. 450 or higher actually will create a mood change on people and headache in some individuals. Not anything crashing, just slight changes...While running 300 power setting people become calmer and less agitated. Express feelings of peace. Communication becomes banter and lighthearted... I have done single and group treatments with different power settings. A couple that is always lighthearted was not aware of the power change and they actually started yelling at each other while on the machine; they have had numerous sessions...not the numbers [frequencies] but the power settings affected them... children react the same as well, to the point of relaxation that will put them to sleep.

My [EM+] machine is in my house and as health improves the exposure time seems to be less chaotic...

The level of health of the body overall is something that needs to be addressed....more improvement much more benefit from the machine... Dehydration levels especially need to be addressed; in fact I won't treat someone until they have a day or two of large amounts of water.

The entire population is dehydrated beyond imagination. The stress of the em treatment is reduced greatly with water from my own experience and many others...

The radiant effect of the machine is also much less irritating at the lower power setting...yet as effective as being on the machine [contact with the grounding plate / tube]... especially with normalizing frequencies they will effect the whole house and no one is on the [grounding] plate... I would have to say many hours of treatment later that, during the first two months, be careful of exposure time- mostly with big kill off from lyme.. After that the time exposure can be increased easily with very slight side effects. Things like mold and fungus I will kill off and run anytime of the day.

Parasites: I like to have people on the plate as a diagnostic as well, as I want the parasites dead!

My machine is a true extension of my dowsing and will surprise me sometimes with feedback from the bulbs that I did not expect. I do not like the preprogrammed sets of numbers... They do not take into account the emotional as well as environmental stresses on the body that I can read from someone. I look at the person as a whole; if you listen to someone they will always tell you exactly what is wrong with them... Then the machine confirms it or sometimes I have to back up a bit and dig to the source... Which is usually dehydration along with parasites of some sort... Until parasites are gone all else fails... until lyme is hit many things will not reconcile...

All of my people have hits on numerous parasites...lyme is always a component... no success on numerous people until lyme numbers are run then a plethora of things come bounding out and that is when we are off for the ride... heavy metals and environmental toxins mercury in the teeth.. thulium in the brain, liver overloaded with toxins- that is the body resistance I see... Otherwise the body will respond even when the person does not feel open to it...

I have many non-compliant people... they will want a treatment, & say they believe in it, and have much resistance... The machine and dowsing will always tell me when and what to do...what their body is ready for...the irritating factor at the beginning for me was I would believe what they told me and try to do treatments with very little success....then I started looking at dowsing and the machines feedback and- wa la- all kinds of open avenues to pursue, with alot of shocking response...

Ebola variant was a huge issue with an als was eating his muscles and nerves alive as were tapeworm.... 23 feet of expelled worm... Military people that have tons of gulf war syndrome responses... they have never been over there but fathers have....

Ran lyme numbers on a guy and he said I didn't really feel anything... the bulbs were going absolutely nuts...he didn't come back for follow up on the released bacteria... his knee burst open with a sore the size of a half dollar piece...I saw him in town several days later; the doctor had just told him he needed to go to the hospital for I.V. antibiotics for an MRSA infection which is heavy staph and he would probably lose his leg as this was bad... I treated him every day for two weeks, no antibiotics... now he has a healed leg.... (but of course he believes he is not positive on lyme...) When I tell him he needs a treatment with follow up he absolutely shows up. By the way, the antibiotics the doctors wanted to use cost 1000.00 a day; they wanted him on a 10 day avoided all of that... This man said he did not feel sick and lives with a level of illness that is amazing... no real complaints... he simply gets treatments because he saw me turn around in my health.

There is no such thing as a stress reaction from using the EM+ machine....many hours of exposure and many treatments run with all varying degrees...EM+ is nothing but good for the body and fact the opposite is true...stess reaction happens without enough treatment...

There is always something beneficial to be run on the machine... killing, cleaning, normalizing, enhancing can keep a person busy all the time. Kill time does not even effect me anymore; (kill time was the only one I ever limited time on...the others do absolute good for the body- radiant or on the plate does not matter.... again referring to others I have read.. The 'peeling the onion' is a fun game and will keep everyone busy for a long time..

324 528 15 is a good way to end... but really any circulation, normalizing, or stabilizing numbers are good to end with... I have created a group of them that i use all the time...

329, 328, 2112, 522, 555, 2489, 146, 15, 14, 17 all work well....

I also like to end with 10000, 6000, 5000, 3000, 2000, 1000...that series will also end an allergic reaction or seizure in about 5 minutes on anyone so far...

Parasites have a reproductive cycle to them... Pay attention to the cycle and you will have effective kill and expulsion. Tapeworms are killed effectively with the EM+ frequency generator that Bruce stenulson makes.

The "series" is of great importance... start at the bottom and run the whole thing, not a segment of it or trouble will happen... the cool thing is one second kills... on each frequency... the longest lapse i have done is 10 seconds on each frequency... doesn't have to be that long... radiant mode also causes a kill, if you catch them at there reproductive stage.... Mop up is of utmost importance; be ready to scan for any bacteria. Mostly the streps and staphs....campylo and chlamydia are predominant with the tapeworms too...

Lyme is reproductive stage predominant... all three components- actually four... babesia, erhlicia, bartonella and rocky mtn... Char's numbers are phenomenal in kill off.... a little harsh... Don't do more than 5 new numbers at a time... always seek new lyme numbers.. two treatments of any series is enough for the time... every 2-3 days at first and once health improves more number groups... I have done up to 10 numbers at a time and still did ok very little reaction... Always wait a few hours and scan for bacteria... the pause is important as I have scanned right after a treatment and get no hits... wait 2-3 hours and wa la again hit it hard... then water and sleep...

I have tested the full moon theory and find that is one of the best times for enhancing or stimulating... right after the full moon is a good kill time... For women treat when they have their menstrual cycle and they will respond greatly.... Men seem to follow the woman's cycle as well...

I keep having a great time with this machine and lots of success... A few fumbling times.... Dowsing has helped that a lot though.... Throw out the pre programmed numbers ( with one exception- Bruce has some wonderful sequences which I use all the time).... and use the machine, dowsing and low power settings... The success rate is high and the great thing is no one goes to the hospital because the body does the rest...

ONE last note Immune system!!!! Immune system!!!! help it in any way you can...without it you die...

Melody & Family 11-02-2005


BKS Closing comments:

[I do not give out Melody's contact information- please do not ask; but I will continue to incorporate her reports and insights into my research manual, and will be able to pass along some of the material occasionally as it becomes available.]

Melody is certainly not the only one who is working very effectively with the EM+ systems; however, very few EM+ researchers participate on the online discussion groups these days, and few take the time to write up and pass along their research results, insights, and approaches.

None of these anecdotal reports are intended to 'prove' anything, but rather are passed along to offer insight to others as to how the EM+ systems can be more effectively used.

(Few researchers work with the depth of intuitive insight and understanding which Melody has developed / learned to apply to this field of research over the last 9 months; it's been a pleasure to discuss aspects with her throughout her growth in this work, and to be able to encourage her to utilize and rely upon her intuitive abilities.)

Be Well!! Bruce

Click here to visit the page with discussions on "Electro-Sensitivity Reactions", and related adverse reactions to some types of equipment which others have designed, worked around until they developed 'health challenges', or purchased and operated in the past.

The subject of using Body Response testing, kineseology & muscle testing techniques, and various other Dowsing techniques to select frequencies, Power Levels, to lay out specific sequences, and to select exposure durations, etc. is repeatedly mentioned by those who are reporting consistent results working with the EM+ Systems. Let's face it- while there are gerneral recommendations and several lists of compiled frequencies from which you might choose, there are no 'hard and fast rules', as everyone is different, and each research session may therefore be expected to be different.

Pendulum Dowsing techniques have served the purposes of many researchers very well; it's also sometimes referred to as 'Divining', inquiring of the Divine. If you are interested in exploring the use of Pendulum Dowsing techniques further, you can click here. (Use your web browser's 'BACK' button to return here.)




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I'm typically backed up for 2 or more weeks or more with prior requests for research equipment and I attempt to complete each request in the order in which the specific payment is actually received (after completing whatever may be involved in previous commitments). It's the only way I can try to keep things simple & fair for everyone I deal with. I try to answer questions on the phone on weekday mornings (mountain time), but am a very slow typist, unable to write long email responses to questions... Please keep in mind that I also need to have some time for myself, my own research, and my friends & family, as well as other obligations. Thanks for understanding.

Also note that I take a break from producing this research equipment each year during February, March, and April, so that I can take care of personal businees and devote more of my energy to my own research and well-being. Any requests / orders submitted during that time period will be completed after I return to production work in early May.

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