MagPulse Magnetic Pulser Anecdotal Research Reports

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Here are some of the reports from other researchers that are coming in on the use of the MagPulse Wands , both on the Auxiliary Output Chanel on the 6C, 7C, and 8CE EM+ systems, as well as on the other driver systems featured on the MagPulse page. These are excerpts from the wealth of material that can be found in the MagPulse Research Manual that is included with each MagPulse wand or research system, and which can be ordered separately on this Order page.

[New "MagPulse Magnum" systems and accessories are now available; further development continues.]

This infornation is being offered as reports of experimental applications and research results only, and should be accepted as such. What you may do with this information is completely within your control.

The following is the basis under which this research material is being made available to other researchers, and is the form they are each asked to fill out and sign when requesting research equipment or information.


" I, the undersigned, hereby affirm that I understand and agree that all research assistance, information, and materials being made available to me as an individual researcher by Bruce K. Stenulson are offered for experimental and research purposes only. I also understand and affirm that there are no claims of effectiveness or of suitability for any use that are either expressed or implied for any of the experimental research reports or for any devices being made available as a form of research assistance. I accept complete responsibility for how I might choose to use the research information or experimental research devices which I request. I understand that research is ongoing, and that any information offered is possibly incomplete, and may not be "Scientifically Proven" to any regulatory agency's standards at this time, but that it is offered as research information, to stimulate further research. I agree to personally participate in the sharing of ongoing research information. I also understand and agree that Bruce K. Stenulson retains all rights to any and all of his writings, designs, and techniques that he may share in the course of any research assistance rendered, and I will not violate those rights."
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[A researcher asked for a brief listing of frequencies that would possibly ube most seful for improving the situation of a damaged nerve, which was damaged by a dentist's injection in the course of dental work. The following short list was compiled for possible experimental research use when using the MagPulse Device variants]

Key MagPulse Frequencies

[Prioritized In Order of importance / Usefulness For 'nerve damage repair' considerations]

(Two special purpose experimental frequencies for this purpose:)

578 Hz Stimulate Repair Of Nerve Damage

764 Hz Normalize Nervous System Function


If using 6 frequencies on MagPulseVI device, these four may be the next most useful ones

15 Hz Stimulate Lymph circulation; helpful on joint & movement disorders

326 Hz Normalize calcium metabolism, helpful with scar tissue

727 Hz (associated with wide spectrum anti-bacterial & anti-viral affects, systemic tonic)

73 Hz (associated with reversing Neuropathy)


(If working with 11 frequencies, these additional 5 are possibly the next most useful)

47 Hz Accelerate healing of injuries, wounds, incisions

465 Hz Associated with wide spectrum anti-fungal affects

880 Hz Associated with wide spectrum anti-bacterial & anti-viral affects

528 Hz Reinfources structural integrety of DNA; whole body tonic

787 Hz Associated with wide spectrum anti-bacterial & anti-viral affects


(12th frequency that would be useful if working with 12 frequency device)

10 Hz Associated with rapid migraine headache relief; may do this by dilating blood vessels [Cautions / counter-indications: may cause blood clots to break loose & move to form blockages elsewhere, so use judiciously at your own discre.

The N.D. Reports


I have three daughters that have bad Migraine headaches. One an RN has them she becomes completely incapacitated. I have treated them many times with the following procedure. All successful.

Using magnetic wand with 8Sc., Frequency 10Hz., duration 3 minutes. Bring wand in contact with area of pain. In one minute they may notice a difference and in two minutes definitely a reduction. Three minutes gone. Has worked every time we have tried it- more than 30 times now.

Have also used 15 Hz. which is built in on the other machine and it works too. May take five minutes instead of three minutes. Otherwise has worked every time.




I have had success treating cuts,incisions, and bruises with the magnetic wand with a frequency of 47-for 4 minutes twice a day, till no trace of wound is noticeable. Usually less than 4 days. Many times in a day or two.

Case One;

Sons were trimming overgrown brush in the back yard and I was helping by carrying the debris to a site where it could be loaded on a truck. They had been cutting before I arrived and had been leaving 6 inch high stubs. I suggested they cut at ground level to prevent ankle damage. Two days after the long weekend I was putting on my socks and found a large 6 inch long gash on my left rear shin, about 1/8 inch deep, very angry and red, infection and juice running. I immediately treated it with the wand at 47Hz for 4 minutes and again late the same day. Next morning it was much better and closed over, next day only a red line, next day gone and no scar.

Case Two

Wife fell in the bedroom and bruised her left hip. Again I treated with 47Hz. for 4 minutes in the evening at bed time. Next morning the bruise was gone.

Case Three

A friend joined us for dinner and was complaining about her cut finger with a large band aid holding the cut closed. It was painful and still seeping blood/ I suggested she follow us home after dinner and let me treat it. Turned out to be a deep L shaped cut on the top of her knuckle on index finger. A really nasty wound that probably should have had stitches since the tape was holding it closed to prevent bleeding. I treated it with the wand face as close as possible with out touching it. Again Frequency 47 Hz. this time for 5 minutes. Suggested she come by again the next day for a second treatment. She never came back. Later told me that it was so much healed in the morning that she did not think that it was necessary to return. Later showed me that there was no scar.

Case Four- a 40 lb. dog.

Dog had had surgery for a badly infected shoulder. that required significant flesh removal and scraping. There was a six inch long incision closed with wrap around stitches ending in a hole the same size as a tennis ball and about half tennis ball deep. The Vet said he was worried about infection in the hole during the expected three month recovery to grow closed. again I treated with the wand as close as possible and a frequency of 47, this time for 5 minutes. The next morning the hole was noticeably when I treated for the second time. The third morning the hole was the size of a pencil lead but still quite deep. The stitches had disappeared and only a pink line showed. The fourth morning the wound was not detectable. The Vet was astonished and wished we had taken pictures. Started calling me DR. Driver.

Case Five

My son had a scrapes shin in n accident several years ago that left a nasty thin scar just over the bone of the shin. It was very tender and would bother him from time to time. I suggested he try using the wand and the 27 frequency to see what it would do. He gave himself treatments for 5 minutes for just over a month missing only a day or two. At the end of a week the discomfort was gone and the scar noticeably shorter. After a month I got my machine back to treat another problem. His scar is noticeably smaller and much less noticeable.



I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Large Cell, stage 4, in late October,1999. I was treated with a Chemo that was very toxic. I suffered many adverse side effects. One, was that my blood sugar became almost uncontrollable. I had been a Diabetic since late 1996 but with excellent blood sugar control. When in hospital several times it was over 700. Immediately after the first of eventually six doses of Chemo I began to have noticeable neuropathy in my legs and feet. This became worse with each treatment until I had very little feeling in my feet and legs. Several times i damaged the legs bad enough to cause bleeding and did not even notice it. Any small scratch or bruise would take months tom heal. After about two years i felt like i was walking on two pegs, no foot feedback, and required significant forward motion to maintain balance. I lurched around in this condition until sometime after I received your 8SC equipment in 2006. Somewhere I read that a frequency of 73HZ. would help Neuropathy so I tried it.

Used the double bubble tube, holding with hands and feet grounded. Power level was most i could stand comfortably and ended being 300. First two days 73HZ., for 4 minutes, then 10 minutes, once a day. After a week or two, suddenly one day I could feel the entire footprint on the ground. My balance was really improved big time. I continued the treatments for a month with no further improvement that I could discern. Legs did not improve much, Then tried Frequency 47Hz. on legs and felt a noticeable improvement. It not only helped the Neuropathy but healed several bites and bruises in two days. I Continue to treat with both frequencies on a random basis with no detectable further gain. Use 47Hz. if any cuts or bruises occur.

I am reporting this because the initial improvement was so helpful even though complete recovery has not occurred. I am working on some supplement changes that with the electronics may offer further improvement. Will keep you posted.



Arthritic Deterioration

Even before my problem with Lymphoma in 1999 I had had serious problems with my neck and upper back. The Dr. said I had the spine of an 80 year old when I was in my fifties. In any case after the Chemo the problems returned big-time and I had reached the point that I could not turn my head when driving and was seriously considering giving up my driving license. About this time I discovered full body massage and found it to be a big help in allowing me to turn my head without much pain. Then the 8SC arrived and I read about the "Mickey" frequencies.

I started with the double bubble tube, feet grounded, and Power Level 300. The first two months of treatment were done this way. Later I used the spiral wand instead with same results. I tried the 326Hz./ 528Hz./ 15Hz.sequence with almost immediate relief and increased motion capability. Started out at 5 minutes twice a day and increased to 15 min. Pain was gone in the first few days and back and neck continued to improve over the months even with much reduced treatment intervals. I bought the F-125 programable sequencer and experimented with a treatment of 30 seconds each adding up to a total of 10 minutes but could not tell that this was any better than with the previous method. Some times it is a little easier to use.

Three weeks ago I went to Chicago to take a 3 day course in Live blood Analysis using a microscope. Two of my daughters went to the course with me. On returning to Richmond airport we were met by one of the daughters husband to pick her up. His first question was how is your arm. Turned out she had not been able to lift her left arm above elbow height for six months. UVA Drs.. had x-rayed, cat-scanned, etc. to no avail and said there was no cure for arthritic problems and she should get a Cortisone shot. She had refused. I was upset she had not told me because I had my Zapper equipment and wand with me in case of neck problems. I repacked it in the parking lot and showed her how to use it and suggested 5 minute treatments twice a day. Ten days later I visited her for the weekend and she greeted me with look Dad- and proceeded to hold her arm above her head and twirl it around. She said the pain ceased after two days and she increased the treatment periods to 15 minutes twice a day. She will continue the treatments for three months to completely rebuild the area with the problem-will get x-rays when it is over. Can't wait to see them!! N.D.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ Note that all of these experimental research treatments were done using the System 8CE EM+ with the plasma tubes or MagPluse 2005 wand, or using the HFA4MCP driving the MagPulse 2005 accessory wand; The 17.5 volt Auxiliary power supply was used for both systems when using the MagPulse wand.]



Dog with Lyme Disease

I received your System 8CE EM+ equipment on May 11, 2006. It included the Double Bubble tube, the spiral hand piece, and the magnetic pulser monochromatic LED wand with the orange light LED.s.

I had discussed with my local veterinarian, DR. James F. about treating terminal animals with my new electronic equipment if he desired. The aim was an enhanced learning process for us both. He called me on June 6th and asked if I would be willing to treat a dog with very advanced Lyme disease. The dog, Caesar, was a large Mastiff that weighed 168 pounds and had lost 15 lbs. due to poor appetite and a sore tooth. He had been treated for Lyme disease for 5 of his 7 years with ever increasing levels of Antibiotics. He had reached the point where any additional Antibiotics would kill him and the Lyme was out of control anyway. He had had a tooth removed and it would not heal because of the spirochetes. It was oozing fluid and he would not eat. His Babesia counts had increased steadily over the five years and when electronic treatment started were 514. I agreed to treat the dog on June 7th. and set up my equipment in the Vets operating room. While waiting for the Dr. to join us I treated Caesar with f 625Hz., for 3 min. for Kidney stimulation, and f 751Hz. for 3 min. for Liver stimulation hoping to head off any detox effects.

We used the [MagPulse 2005 accessory ] Magnetic wand for treatment by moving the wand continuously along his legs, neck and backbone as closely as possible with out touching him. He did not object and behaved very well the whole time. The owner was holding his head in her lap. We used the Babesia frequencies from your large manuel. 528Hz. & 642Hz., 5 min., 864Hz. & 744Hz., 3 min., 482Hz., 4 min., 494Hz. & 326Hz., 6 mim., 435Hz. & 517.5Hz., 4 min., and 456Hz., 5 min. A total of 45 minutes. We received hits on all but the first two frequencies as evidenced by a quivering of the skin under treatment.

After completion I tried a frequency of 326Hz. on his tooth with no response. I then received a hit with a frequency of 15Hz. and treated the tooth and gum area for 3 minutes.

From all the data I had reviewed I had told the Dr. and owner that an extended number of treatments would be required and that I would help as long as necessary. We Scheduled another session for a week later since that and was as soon as the owner could get the dog there. When that day arrived I had an unexpected attack of Vertigo and could not attend. The owner said the dog seemed much better, his tooth had healed and he was eating again. The Dr. determined that his spirochete count had dropped in half. Another session was scheduled a week later. This time when the day arrived I had a conflicting dental surgery appointment and again could not attend. This time the owner reported that the dog was jumping in to the back of her pick-up truck, had gained weight, and seemed normal. This time his spirochete count was less than 10 and no further treatments were scheduled.

In Late November I received a call that the dog had a bad case of Cancer in his sinuses and could I treat him on Monday morning. I agreed but on Monday was advised that the dog had had a seizure over the weekend and had been put down.

In retrospect I realize that we left the dog with a seriously damaged immune system and should have provided electronic boost assistance for some weeks. Live and Learn.




I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Large Cell, stage 4, in late October,1999. I was treated with a Chemo that was very toxic. I suffered many adverse side effects. One, was that my blood sugar became almost uncontrollable. I had been a Diabetic since late 1996 but with excellent blood sugar control. When in hospital several times it was over 700. Immediately after the first of eventually six doses of Chemo I began to have noticeable neuropathy in my legs and feet. This became worse with each treatment until I had very little feeling in my feet and legs. Several times i damaged the legs bad enough to cause bleeding and did not even notice it. Any small scratch or bruise would take months tom heal. After about two years i felt like i was walking on two pegs, no foot feedback, and required significant forward motion to maintain balance. I lurched around in this condition until sometime after I received your 8SC equipment in 2006. Somewhere I read that a frequency of 73HZ. would help Neuropathy so I tried it.

Used the double bubble tube, holding with hands and feet grounded. Power level was most i could stand comfortably and ended being 300. First two days 73HZ., for 4 minutes, then 10 minutes, once a day. After a week or two, suddenly one day I could feel the entire footprint on the ground. My balance was really improved big time. I continued the treatments for a month with no further improvement that I could discern. Legs did not improve much, Then tried Frequency 47Hz. on legs and felt a noticeable improvement. It not only helped the Neuropathy but healed several bites and bruises in two days. I Continue to treat with both frequencies on a random basis with no detectable further gain. Use 47Hz. if any cuts or bruises occur.

I am reporting this because the initial improvement was so helpful even though complete recovery has not occurred. I am working on some supplement changes that with the electronics may offer further improvement. Will keep you posted.


My son was diagnosed by a physcian with "raging strep throat" around 4pm. yesterday. At about 6:30 that evening he was placed near a 8CE EM+ machine with 2 double bubble E-Gas Plasma tubes , in radiant mode ,no grounding and at a power setting of 920,The Streptococcus pyrogenesset frequency set(from the CAFL list) was run. Following this run the power setting was changed to 1220 and ran once more. 3 minutes each with a 5 hz "offset" It was during the second run that I incorporated the use of the MagPulse 2005 Wand which is syncronized with the plasma tubes.
A fever was evident at midnight and at 4;30 the following morning. At 8:30 that morning he awoke feeling fine.Fever gone. Antibiotics were began at 4;00 the afternoon of the diagnosis and a second given around 9;00 pm that evening. Frequencie set was ran at noon today also. Will continue with antibiotic protocol as well as plasma protocol.




Just a note, the likes of which you have many, on using the Magpulse 2005 on a knee injury I incurred at work. The type of stress I placed on my knee from a "half squat" position showed up this AM. Painful to stand and discomforting to walk. I used the Magpulse 2005 for 20 minutes at a frequency of 15 hz. After 20 minutes I was able to rise from a seated position just like normal, walking normal. A second application followed...just cause. R.H.


January 2008 from RR

[NOTE: RR has suffered with Lyme Disease for well over 17 years; in December of 2007 he received one of the first of the MagPulse DC36SS systems from me, which is capable of running two high power magnetic transducers / coils in a precisely synchronized mode. These two coils can be set up in the "Helmholtz" geometry on either side of a research subject / target area, with the polarity of the transducers arranged such that, while each magnetic pulse is a North Pole oplarity 'push' from the first coil, the magnetic signal is a simultaneous South Pole polarity 'pull' from the second coil. These two coils can also be arranged to both 'push' with a North Pole polarity signal simultaneously from two vectors (such as 90 degrees apart in relation to the subject / target zone) thereby producing reinfourcing interference paterns sweeping through the target zone.]

Received a phone call from RR, who had just began working with the system with two coils. He reports feeling good.... but the most remarkable affect of the new system was it's rapid affect on the chronic Lyme Depression which has been continuous for the last ~12 years. RR reported that, within 10 minutes of beginning to run frequencies on the new two coil system with one coil on the front, and one coil on the back of his upper torso, the depression "simply disolved away, and has not come back in several days since".

We're still waiting for his detailed write-up with specifics on the setup, frequency sequence used, etc. ; let's hope he can do so before too much longer.

Report received on November 28th, 2007

I have been meaning to write for some time to let you know how pleased I am with my Map Pulse VI wand. I have used it for several different problems and it always helps.

Mainly, I have a tooth that has had no less than two root canals and it still gives me problems as the root is in the sinus cavity. When it starts to ache, I just put the MP on it....alternating between the 15 and 727 frequencies for a period of between 20 -30 minutes. I seem to get instant relief. One day, when we had guests, my entire jaw was really hurting....I used the MP and got complete relief instantly, so we were able to continue with our plans for the day.

The other thing I use it for (and the reason I bought it) is for sinus pressure/headaches. I have been plagued with these for years and the MP gives me great relief.....(using same frequencies, time, etc. as above). After just a few hours, the pressure subsides and gradually the pain goes away.

Recently, I had a bad cough....probably because we have been in a desert area with blowing winds and dirt to aggravate my chronic bronchitis. I used the MagPulse and by that evening the cough have subsided and although it didn't go away completely, the pain associated with it did.

I can't tell you how glad I am that I have this wonderful device and, best of all, it really works. I don't know all the technical stuff about using it, but I do know that it works for me! Thank you, thank you!! S. H.


I HAVE BEEN USING YOUR BENEFICIAL FREQS FOR QUITE the beginning i ask you for help and you said to be dr muscle tested me for the ones i needed...........i needed all but 3........i had him retest 12/10/07.........this time i only needed 4! i have been rifing for lyme+ since 11/05 and your freqs have obviously help, blood work is very good, too.

i hope this helps in your research and thank you.. LM < BR>

What’s right with sports injury treatment?

August 2nd, 2007

Almost nothing! When the fundamental mechanism of free radical damage to tissues following ischemia-reperfusion injury following a strain, sprain, or bruise is understood you will agree.

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessel in our body, and with ANY swelling following injury are quickly compressed. Just behind them on the way to the heart is the post-capillary venoule, and like capillaries lying very close to the skin in areas like the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and knee.

The post capillary venouleis incredibly sensitive to decreased oxygen and a robust source of free radicals that are immediately released into local tissues that promote the inflammatory cascade and all the cell death and inflammation that brings (think of an ankle sprain that you can walk on after it happens, but can’t touch it to the ground the next morning)-THAT is all the result of activating this inflammatory cascade and the necrotic cell death it causes. When necrotic cell death begins, you have just fanned a small injury into massive tissue injury, progressive disability, and long term rehabilitation to return to competition.

How can we tell if tissue is being deprived of oxygen and capillaries compressed. You guessed it, the tissue turns white for lack of blood. Whoops, wait a minute! Isn’t that what happens when the trainer places my wrist, knee, ankle or shoulder in ICE - Amen brother!

Ice works on nerves by dropping temperature and closing off the vasa vasorum (very small capillary-like vessels supplying nerves). That stops nerve transmission and most pain, BUT who is kidding who- by doing the same to tissues in the injury site it closes capillaries and STIMULATES, yes stimulates the release of FREE RADICALS, exactly what you DON’T want if you hope to return to competition rapidly. Ice adds fuel to the inflammatory fire! Kick that trainer in the gonads (??ovaries) if they insist on “let me ice that baby”. They are stopping the pain, but aren’t doing you any favors!

Compression isn’t much better; you can understand why. Collapsing small blood vessels is NEVER a good idea.

So what can you do? Start using a technology revolution that guides your protein function to stop free radical damage before it starts. YES, you can stop an injury before the chemical degradation cripples you, and impairs function to the point you can no longer compete. Start treatment with an effective pulsed electromagnetic field technology and you will not only stop the injury immediately, you will return to competition weeks ahead of those treated with ice and compression; elevation probably works best by briefly getting you off your feet.

DON’T use anti-inflammatories!!! They do set you up for heart attack and stroke later in your life (they damage your arteries when you take them, you pay the damages later). Don’t ask me, ask the Am Heart Assoc.

They also DO IMPAIR HEALING! First discovered by a friend of mine at Ohio University, and now reported in over 200 studies, the drug industry and uninformed doctors would have you believe otherwise. Take tylenol is you must, but here again you needn’t have much pain, if any, IF you stop the inflammatory cascade and all the cell death. Know how to do that? Use my EMpulse electromagnetic field device,, as have other world record holders, to painlessly accelerate your healing and get you back to competition in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Send in your comments and I will be happy to draw on my experience in treating athletes around the world at all levels of competition. Get on board with 21st century treatment of sports injury. ICE should have gone out with the ice age.

Lastly, consider nature and what happens to injured animals. Have you ever seen one standing in a snow bank or the middle of a frozen river when injured. As a boy I had a large Siberian husky who was hit by a furniture truck. Badly injured, he did not return to his frozen den under our front porch, but rather stood forlornly outside our kitchen door until my mother invited him inside. Never having been in the house before, he immediately went to a location behind the kitchen stove, from whence he walked to the door occasionally, and as soon as back inside, went for the warmth behind the stove. After a week, he went to the door and returned to his lair beneath the porch. Having seen injured wild animals I have always found them lying in a dry, relatively warm spot under a tree or ledge. Think about iy, and know whenever we reformat nature’s logic we usually do so at our peril.

Chats with Dr KC Chou

August 2nd, 2007

There are many thrills associated with spending one’s adult life courting the meaning of this universal force-electromagnetism. Today, Dr KC Chou, who sometimes refers to himself by his “English name” of Gordon, and thus his his academic organization, The Gordon Life Sciences Institute, which will familiarize you with one of the profound scientists of our era. His papers number in excess of 300, he has been part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation, probably more integral to both than his humble manner would allow him to admit.

I am humbled to know this man agrees with me as to the importance of vibrational control of protein function, and that the use of drugs is counter-intuitive when the basic issues of restoring homeostasis are truly appreciated and considered.

Today is my 70th birthday and what an honor it was to spend part of it with Dr Chou.

Electromagnetism - A Universal Force To Help Mankind

July 24th, 2007

History- If the big bang was the anvil upon which a supreme being hammered out his universe then electromagnetism was the hammer he used to forge life on earth within this solar system. First, he imbued all elements except noble gases in our solar system with an electromagnetically responsive nature. In taking these up as a part of their structure, the electromagnetic interplay between the Sun, lightning in our atmosphere, and the electromagnetic field of the earth directed evolution from the smallest molecule to DNA, a protein so large it can reach lengths as great as four inches, yet be neatly folded upon itself to fit within the nucleus. No one could improve on Stephen Hawking in noting, “electromagnetism controls all chemical reactions, all biologic response, and life itself” as he discussed microscopic events in his book, “A Brief History of Time”.

Except for reactions involving noble gases, all other elements are fundamentally ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic depending on the structural “set” of their electrons. Paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements can be either depending again on electron numbers around the nucleus. All this fancy talk matters little if you appreciate that all oxygen, calcium, water molecules, amino acids, and proteins in your body are magnetically responsive by their makeup, and have been since our solar system began.

It took millions of yrs before Oerstad, Faraday, and finally James Clerk Maxwell characterized electromagnetism into the set of formulas so greatly loved by basic scientists. In fact, electromagnetic stones had been used for thousand of years beginning in such ancient cultures as China and Greece to relieve pain and heal tissues. Discovered first in the area of Magnesia in Asia Minor they were referred to as magnets. The term lodestone is a later evolution of Nordic influence where magnetic stones were used to pilot ships, and were referred to as the Nordic “lead stone”, which reads akin to lodestone when viewed in their script.

Hippocrates, the scion of all modern medicine, strongly supported the use of magnets to treat various ailments in his practice of 450BC. The use of magnets evolved out of the Greek dynasty into that of Rome where Galen, a Greek citizen, may have been the first sports-medicine doctor, and electromagnetism the first sports-medicine technology as he wrote often of using it on gladiators for trauma and injury around 150 AD. He later became physician to the armed forces of the Roman Empire and personal physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

The legend, lore, and practices of Hippocrates and Galen were kept alive by the Arabs during the Middle Ages and were enthusiastically renewed in Europe with the Renaissance as basic science and therapeutic use of electromagnetic technology came into vogue. Technology saw first birth during the Renaissance period very near the year Gutenburg employed his press. By 1493 Paracelsus was born in Switzerland of a German physician father and Swiss mother. He is variably claimed a genius equal to Da Vinci in expanding science in this period, or condemned as a charlatan. He traveled widely, was well educated, and employed electromagnetic technology in the treatment of the human condition.

The evolution of electromagnetic therapy in Eastern Europe equaled that of its Western counterpart. The czars were very interested in its study, perhaps a result of their travels into the courts of Europe, but for whatever reason, the study and use of electromagnetism has been robust throughout the old Soviet Union nations and continues to date in Eastern and Central Europe. Poland and The Czech Republic are two nations that are very active in the use of electromagnetism with Italy being the lead nation in Europe in terms of electromagnetic research,

Hahnemann, who mastered five languages by age 20, and embraced electromagnetism early in his career, brought the technology as a part of homeopathy to America at the turn of the nineteenth century. By 1844, homeopaths had formed a national society of homeopathy and were estimated to have treated up to 30% of patients seeking primary care with electromagnetic therapy. These cases were most often for pain, trauma, or inflammation.

After millennia of use by the most advanced minds of their times, electromagnetism was abruptly halted when a Dr Davis of New York State Medical Society suggested the formation of the American Medical Association, and the struggle for dominance was enjoined. Overlooking the fact one of their most popular therapies involved blood-letting or the use of blood-sucking leeches, the AMA sought to prove homeopathy the stuff of mysticism that lacked any semblance of science. That may have been where the expression “the pot calling the kettle black” first started.

Victorious by 1910 and following the publication of The Flexner Report aka Medical Education in America, the homeopaths along with nearly all competing interests in providing healthcare to American consumers were vanquished along with their emphasis on electromagnetism, which was described as an “irregular science”. For whatever that meant, it was a fatal blow to what became the cause celebre of quantum mechanics and basic science for the next century.

As a universal force, not even the AMA could suppress electromagnetism, and when it evolved from within their ranks as magnetic resonance imaging, electromagnetism was celebrated as a modern miracle and was employed 50 million times annually in massively larger field strengths than homeopaths ever imagined. The same can be said for rTMS where very large field strengths are pulsed at very low frequencies, which has been demonstrated to be associated with significant side effects in animals and humans. “Science” as seen by traditionalists does not recognize the, “whose ox is getting gored” conundrum.

Modern Era of Therapeutic Electromagnetism- By the late 60s Fukada, Becker, and others were regular contributors to such journals as NY Acad of Sci, Nature, and others in an effort to explain the electrical nature of tissues in living systems.

In the mid-1970s Bassett had submitted an electromagnetic device to FDA for consideration in healing bone fractures that had non-union as an outcome. He was later heard to note that use of his technology resulted in the healing of 300,000 non-unions around the world.

The use of electromagnetic technology to heal dysregulatory bone conditions has been expanded to include spinal fusions, osteonecrosis of the femur, and growing interest is seen in the metabolic dysregulatory problem of osteoporosis. In this latter application, electromagnetic technology is known to be safe and effective, neither being the case with current drug therapy. The problem is a technical one of consumer friendly technology, which coil wound electromagnetic devices are not as a result of their bulk, cost, and low bioefficacy.

There is something demeaning about labeling a universal force that has been used for thousands of years, and has been controlling the evolution of life on earth for billions, as “alternative”. In keeping with Colin Powell’s sage advice, “don’t ever let another man’s problem become yours”, I would suggest the more reasonable use would be “integrative” since the experience of many industrialized nations with better standards of healthcare than ours indicates that citizenry can greatly benefit from the use of this universal force in the home, emergency room, intensive care unit, or wherever restoration of injured tissue, regardless of cause, experiences ischemia-reperfusion injury that must be controlled, and then proceed to restoration. In my 25 yr career as a clinician and investigator of this technology I have seen no drug nor other technology that does both as well as electromagnetic pulsed therapy.

NB- Rarely has man visited a technology without the desire to improve it- We have used guidance and power systems to make submarines that are unequaled in sailing the oceans of this continent, and fighter planes without peer in the skies. One question must be asked: Why can’t we look at man’s natural ability to restore homeostasis following injury and improve that with technology to do it with unparalleled speed and efficiency. The fundamental reason is: we have chosen the wrong paradigm- the very reason for integrative medicine. Most drugs and many surgeries are failed paradigms; that is clear to consumers if not to oligarchs. Integration of electromagnetic technologies will allow their replacement when and if it is demonstrated superior in evidence based studies and outcomes. Electromagnetic technology is described in NIH symposia as having “robust and credible evidence” to support its use. It is time to stop its suppression as noted by Carl Poke in 2006 IEEE handbook, and to begin its integrated support.

08-15-2007 Report from Tom, using the MAGPULSE VI

Hi Bruce,

I wanted to write to tell you about the wonderful results I've had using the MagPulse VI wand.

I've had this recurring problem with sinus infections in the left maxillary sinus. The pressure affects the nerve tip on one of the teeth in this area, causing much pain and discomfort. The MagPulse VI Wand has greatly reduced the swelling, inflamation and pain. I use the 15 Hz and 326 Hz settings for 10 minutes each for lasting results, but even 5 minutes each works wonders for rapid relief!

Also, I get an occasional bout of sciatica in the left hip which causes constant pain in the hip and down the leg, and terrible pain with movement. Again, 10 to 20 minutes with the MagPulse VI set on 15 Hz and 326 Hz each knocks out the pain so that I can even enjoy mountain hiking pain-free!!

The MagPulse VI is a wonderfully sized unit that is very portable and fits in nicely with our RV lifestyle, where space is extremely limited.

Thanks for creating this very useful tool, Bruce!

Tom S.

Repory Recieved from Crystal on 01-06-2007

Hi Bruce!

Wonder Wand just keeps on ticken!

I bought one of your first models from you two years ago for my Lymphedema, but I keep on using it for other things as well.

Lymphedema - How would you like to walk around on legs that were 30" at 5" above the ankles and have 20" ankles to-boot? I didn't! It took 5 years before I found out what I had and then I was told it isn't treatable! HA! They hadn't heard of the Mag wands! I started using the wand at both 15 and 326hz for about 20 min. There was a slight but steady reduction in both legs. Then I increased the time to fourty min. on each leg each night and the change was dramatic! By the end of the year I had legs with pretty normal calves, great ease in walking and ENERGY! My ankles are still a little swolen... about one inch of swelling... usually at night but that is probably because I don't use the wand like I used to. My bad not yours! I am starting to use it again most evenings a few minutes a night and see if I can get even this last trace of teh Lymphedema to dissapear. The mag wand gave me back my mobility .

MRSA no Match for the Wand!

I have met a woman who started crying when I told her about how the MagPulse wand helped to cure my son of a serious infection. I cried too when I found out that she had just lost her husband a month before to the same infection. It took just a week from the time it invaded his body to kill him.

My son got an infection of MRSA in his hand and didn't know what it was. By the time it got swolen and sore enough that he couldn't sleep, it was almost too late to do anything about it. The doctor he went to took one look at his hand and sent him to the hospital. They immediately put him in surgery and tried to cut all the infection out. Two days later they said they hadn't been able to get it all out and it was moving. They wanted to cut his arm off at the elbow to get ahead of it! I only found out about it the morning the doctor gave him the news. I told him to get the h---l out of the hospital and get to my house ASAP!

I got him started on soaking with coloidal silver for an hour followed by one hour of each setting on the Mag wand. We repeated it again that evening and he went home and had his first full night's sleep in over a week. We repeated this twice the next day and once a day after that until it was totally gone. Three weeks after he escaped teh hospital (security guards in hot persuit), he returned to the doctor and watched his mouth fall open. He was back at work in his auto repair shop the next day. Propolis on the rather deep hole in his hand (1/4" deep by 1" x1 1/2" wide and long) finished the healing by making it scar free, but the big hero of the day was the Mag wand. Thank you so much for my son's arm... or his life.

Minor bits and pieces..

Sinus infections and food poisoning are two little chores that the wand took care of. My moms arthritis went south fast and I left her with a zapper to keep it at bay. My husband got a serious skin infection the spread to cover most of his body until he allowed me to use the wand on it. After two months of itching tingling biting agony, he slept easily and lost all traced of it in about four days. Candida? Forget it! A 15 or 20 min wand treatment for two days and it goes by by. For you expirimentors, take food leftovers and split them into two containers. Mag wand one for about twenty min but not the other one. Now store for a week... guess which one is growing and which one is still good?

Thanks again for the wand, I wanted to buy another one after you made the new models, but by the time I saved up enough to get it it had been repleced by more expensive ones, sigh, maybe if they don't get any more 'improved', (though how it CAN be is beyond me!) I might be able to get one in another year. If you do improve them into more expensive models, please save me one of your current ones. I have $200 more to save as it is!

Thank you again Bruce! Your early model is still tickin and helping me and my family. If you hadn't let me buy it cheaper because it was one of the ones you made for yourself, I might not have a son right now, and I understand many people loose their legs from the Lymphedema after a time. I shudder to think what might have happened if you hadn't had a good heart. God bless you!



NOTE: I'll try to relate this report as best I can from memory from phone conversations; as in many cases, while the researcher that related this report over the phone said that the report would be written up, I have not yet received it. I'll pass along what I can as well as I can remember the information, in hopes that it will give others further insight as to how the MagPulse device can be utilized.

A researcher on the east coast, in a recent phone conversation, told me that they have been working with a research 'volunteer' who is suffering from Lyme disease, and had major problems with the 'Lyme Arthritis' - pain in joints which is associated with the calcification in the joints that results from / is associated with the Lyme infection.

On the next session, they unilized a strong permanent magnet under one wrist / hand with the MagPulse wand positioned above. Since the MagPulse wand's pulsed magnetic signal is primarily a North Pole field - identical to that of the geographical North Pole of the Earth- then using an 'attracting' or South Pole permanent magnet will draw the magnetic flux towards it. This application of placing a permanent magnet on the opposite side of a target area is properly referred to as a "flux concentrator" effect, since it draws the pulsed magnetic field towards the permannt magnet of opposite polarity. (In magnets, opposites attract, while like fields / polarities repel.)

Relief was more dramatic in the hand under which the flux concentrator magnet was used, than on the hand on which the flux concentrator was not used; it's assumed that an approximately equal exposure time was used in this experiment, although I do not have the details as to duration of treatment in this session.

Using the MagPulse wand being driven from the Auxiliary channel of the 7C EM+ Master system, they had set up a frequency file for the F150 frequency generator. They first tried a dwell of 3 minutes per frequency, running 326, 528, and 15. They reportedly achieved some relief of pain and symptoms on this first session. On the next session, they decided to loop the sequence of 326, 528, 15 repeatedly, using a much shorter dwell time per frequency (.5 seconds) and let the F150 frequency synthesizer loop this sequence repeatedly fo several minutes. Pain relief was reportedly much more pronounced with the rapid looping / short dwell time per frequency.

Jumping from 3 minutes dwell directly to .5 seconds dwell was the only experimental dwell time factors that were reportedly tested; other researchers, in setting up faster looping sequences, will use dwell times on many long frequency sequences of 20 seconds in some cases, and others report using dwell times of 3.5 seconds.

Combining faster "looping" of a frequency sequence, along with implementing the "converge" setting [which is also available in the F100 software] is well worth considering in many experimental applications, as researchers are reporting increased effectiveness of the systems when these more elaborate frequency generating approaches are implemented, compared to running each frequency once for several minutes.

After the third or fourth session, the volunteer was reporting that the cumulative effects of the treatment sessions were producing longer and longer periods of relief from the pain and stiffness in the wrists. This seems to agree with reports out of Germany in the EM+ anecdotes about the reversal of alkylosing spondylitis, (the calcification of the spine)when using 326 Hz with the plasma tube hand piece on an EM+ system in direct contact mode.

We are seeing a recurring observation- that the MagPulse wand is reportedly producing results to the same (or possibly to a greater) degree, as those results previously only reported with the EM+ Resonant Radiant Plasma systems running the plasma tubes in contact mode.

The MagPulse Wand's pulsed magnetic field is a 'localized' field, most intense at the face of the wand head, and diminishing in intensity with distance (as all EM fields diminish with distance, to zero at infinity.) How far does it's effective hield reach? We do not hve a definitive answer to that question at this time, but the following report will give a bit of an idea.


Another researcher on the east coast related a report over the phone earlier this year, of working with a couple of research volunteers with lyme disease. These were a husband and wife who both also had suffered with chronic sinus infections for a long time.

In setting up an experimental approach to releiving the sinus infections, a sequence of anti-bacterial frequencies were programmed and run on the System 6C EM+, driving the MagPulse wand on the Auxiliary Output Chanel. The couple sat tiogether, leaning their heads together, while the MagPulse wand was positioned pointing towards their heads at a distance of about 10 to 12 inches away, in front of their faces.

By the following morning, one reported that their head was 'totally clear and free of pressure; the other reported that the pressure was gone, and their sinuses were draining nicely. This was a dramatic change for both. Hopefully a folow-up report will be forth-coming.

Subject: Persistent cough and mucous production

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 From: Bob H.

Two weeks ago I rapidly developed severe symptoms of upper respiratory distress. A constant cough and drainage into my throat restricted my ability to speak understandably there was so much crud on/in my larynx. I had used CS and some of the Crane frequencies in an attempt to control the evident problem with no noticeable improvement.

I spoke with Bruce Stenulson last night as he built my Mag Pulse Wand. I asked him if he had any notion about frequencies. He sent me the following e-mail from this list's archives (Jan. 2000) . . .

"In a recent personal encounter with the viruses being passed around [Dec. 1999], I developed a very nasty, persistent cough first. I placed the spiral hand piece directly on my upper chest, while also working with hands on the Neon double bubble tube, and both bare feet on the stainless steel 'grounded' plate. I ran 2398, 2544, and 5608 Hz, 5 minutes each, in the morning after waking up with a constant cough... and didn't cough once again until well into the evening...

"Unfortunately, this gave me a bit of over-confidence in having dealt with the entire 'virus soup' so quickly and effectively, and as a result, I continued on with a busy schedule, rather than going on to run other frequencies that I probably should have at that time. ... It caught up with me the following day, as symptoms began to move into the sinuses / head!

"This time, I started working with frequencies in the lower Adeno-virus ranges: 647Hz, 676Hz, 687 Hz, and then 1215Hz; then also 652 Hz, 724 Hz, 746 Hz, 768Hz.

"Detox manifested as pain throughout the body, & I still dealt with minor fever / chills in a couple of brief episodes, but I came through without any digestive system disturbances at all. Meanwhile, my wife, by using a few of the frequencies noted above once, and simply being in the same house with the radiant output field from the system, never developed any further symptoms at all.

Using whatever equipment you have available at the * VERY first sign * of the onset of symptoms is the best advice I can offer... being 'too busy' to take the time to take care of yourself is a mistake we let ourselves make too often. As Brian has pointed out so eloquently before, "Viruses cause cell damage, and cell damage results / manifests as symptoms..." Once the cellular damage has been done, the 'symptoms' well persist until the damage has been repaired.

Be Well!! Bruce"

I followed the following sequence of frequencies using the mag pulse wand [driven by a custom built HFA-4M]:

The following frequencies are in Hz.:

2398 5 min

2544 5 min

5608 5 min

All the following are 3 minutes. This group are for the Adeno viruses.

614, 676, 687, 1215

All the following are 3 minutes. This group a clean-up set. (More Adenovirus frequencies.)

652, 724, 746, 768

I had the mag pulse wand tucked under my chin pointing directly at my throat and larynx. At the end of the total run, some 39 minutes of frequency application, I could talk normally for the first time in two weeks and generally felt . . . relieved. I called Bruce back who was amazed at the difference in my voice.

I had a full night's sleep for the first time in two weeks last night and certainly feel better this morning, however there is stil some drainage and occasional coughing which is producing much less crud and the voice is still essentially normal except it tires quickly, which I attribute to the coughing and strain of the last two weeks.

I have no interest in Bruce's business other than a user of some of his product which I bought. Bruce has been a contributing researcher to this List - rife-list - from the earliest days of 1996. He has become a firm and fast friend in the ensuing years even though we've had no opportunity to meet in person.

Regards to all,

Bob H

Use of 15 Hz and 326 Hz has helped with Arthritis, calcium buildups, scar tissue, back pain, etc. A friend with arthritis in his right hand has used the MagPulse with these two frequencies on two occasions for about 20 to thirty minutes each. Increased range of motion and reduced stiffness is noted, along with reduced fluid retention / edema (swelling in the area) . This relief reportedly lasts for many days after use of the MagPulse wand.

These two frequencies (15 & 326), when used for about 20 minutes total time, (alternating between them every couple of minutes), run with a special prototype MagPulse that produced only these two frequencies, has personally knocked out a problem with an abscessed tooth, swelling in the gums, & looseness in the affected tooth in just one session on one occasion in the fall of 2001, so that by the following morning there was absolutely no trace of any problem in the area.

In the fall of 2002, another problem started to bother me- again, with the same tooth in my right upper jaw. (These problems in the area of the tip of the root of an otherwise healthy tooth result from an improperly done root canal on a nearby tooth- a job that was done in a hurried fashion in one sitting, without properly disinfecting the tooth before sealing it up.

I'm told by a friend (who has extensive experience first as a facial reconstructive surgeon and later as a top quality dentist ) that, unless the tooth's canal is properly opened, and then packed with calcium hydroxide, and then closed with a temporary filling and left for a week to insure thorough disinfection of all of the extensive micru-tubules in the pulp of the tooth, that pacteria can be harbored in the pulp of the tooth that will then cause later problems throughout the jaw, and throughout the rest of the body.

This time, I again used the MagPulse wand, using 15 Hz, 326 Hz, 465 Hz, 528 Hz, 727 Hz, and 787 Hz (driving the MagPulse Wand from one of the HFA-4MZ driver devices which has these 6 preset key frequencies.) This time I did not knock it out in one session- I used the MagPulse wand daily for a little over a week before there was no trace of any problem sensation in the area. But that was about 13 months ago as of this writing, and I've had no recurrances since!

I've used the plasma handpiece tubes on the EM+ systems in the past, and while they have worked, my impression at this time is that I have produced better results more quickly with the MagPulse wand on dental infections. More research needs to be done on this topic.

I and my wife have also personally used 15 Hz to dramaticly reduce sinus pressure headaches.

A friend with one of the first of the HFA-4MC systems used the MagPulse wand to knock out an infection in her throat that had resisted all other efforts, and perscriptions for antibiotics, for several weeks. (She also reported successfully knocking out a urinary infection quickly.

Another researcher briefly mentioned knocking out a flare-up of Herpes.

On July 9th, 2002, I received the following email report from a user of the new MagPulse 6RZ, using both the MagPulse Wands, and the Monochromatic LED light wands:

Hi Bruce

This new portable mag pulser [MagPulse 6RZ] is great. I have a lower back problem which is a pinched nerve or herniated disk. I have used the mag pulser on the area of pain, using the set freq's, 326 and 15, and the pain subsides after about 15 minutes after use.

Also, we went to a party the other night where alot of people were smoking cigars. We got headaches from the smoke... but came home and ran the 15 freq. and the headaches were relieved.

My wife has enjoyed using the blue LED light wand for its stress releiving effects. She likes the pre-set frq's. as its so easy without having to use the big machine. K likes to lay down and pulse while watching TV or reading. It's so easy to use. She has also enjoyed using the green and orange light wands too.

We really think youv'e come up with a great new product and highly recommend it to others.

Keep up the good work Bruce! B.A.

On July 12th, 2002 I received the following via Email from a System 6C EM+ researcher:

"Thanks for the mag pulser! lt really puts off a strong field. Used it this week on a lady with an infection in three fingers. Shut the pain down right away and the next day 2 of the fingers were looking better. These same fingers have been resistant to other types of frequency therapy. Will let you know when l use it on other things."



(Report yet to be written)


(Report yet to be written)


(Report yet to be written)


(Report yet to be written)


(Report yet to be written)

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