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Photos of the South Park Region of the Central Colorado Rockies

Taken from a Powered Parachute Ultralight Aircraft

Above: This is a view looking up from the pilots seat at the wing under which I fly, The Mac Para Charger 31 paraglider wing.

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Photos Below from a flight on June 2nd, 2017 on the east side of the Southern Mosquito Range in South Park's northwest region.

Above: This is the Horseshoe Bowl, located in the Mosquito Range west of Fairplay.

Above: This is a view of the upper end of the Fourmile Creek drainage in the Mosquito Range With Mount Sherman on the right.

Above: This is a view of upper Mosquito Gulch with Pennsylvania Mountain and The Pennsylvania Mountain Placer on the left. London Mountain is in the center with the South London gold mine visible on it's left side. Mosquito Pass crosses the range headed to Leadville just behind London Mountain.

Above: This is the view from over Park city looking NW towards Loveland Mountain (on the left) with Buckskin Gulch to it's right; Mount Democrat, Cameron, and Bross are progressively to the right.

Above: This is a view cof Alma and the Alma Placer taken from the west.

Above: This is a look at the Hector Placer just South of Alma on the east side of Co. Hwy. 9

The photos below are from a flight over to the Arkansas River Valley in the Buena Vista area on June 21st 2017

Above: This is a view from over the west side of the Trout Creek Pass area looking west towards the Colleigate Range. Johnson Village is in the intermediate distance to the left with Buena Vista and the Arkansas River visible to the right.

Above: These basaltic intrusive structures are referred to as "The Castles". They are located to the south of Highways 285 & 24 just west of Trout Creek Pass. The Fourmile Recreation Area lies between this area and the Arkansas River.

Above: This is a view from just north on Trout Creek Pass over the Salt Works Ranch looking at North Hall Butte with Antero reservoir in the intermediate distance, and South Park stretching to the east Mosquito Range on the horizon.

The photos below are from a flight to the Boreas Pass area on June 20th, 2017. During this flight my GPS recorded an altitude of 15,030 feet above sea level.

Above: This is the aproach to Boreas Pass from South Park over the upper Tarryall Creek valley.

Above: This is the view from high above Boreas Pass looking to the NE; Baldy Mountain is beyond the pass on the right. All of Colorado's front range is in the distance.

Above: This is a view from high above Mount Silverheels, With Hoosier Ridge & Red Mountain in the intermediate distance. Quandry Mountain and the Tenmile and Gore Ranges are in the distance.

Above: This photo was taken while at 15,030 feet above sea level. Mount Silverheels and Hoosier ridge are in the foreground, 14'ers Bross and Lincoln are left of Montgomery Reservoir with the entire Collegiate range in the background. Quandry Peak, another 14'er is to the right of Montgomery Reservoir in the Tenmile Range.

Above: This is a view if the SE side of Weston Pass- it runs through the vally below to the left. This photo was taken from ~13,000 feet ASL on June 7th 2017

Above: This is a view of South Hall Butte in the foreground, The Saltworks Ranch, and North Hall Butte in the middle distance with Antero Reservoir to the right and The Mosquito Range and Continental Divide in the background to the North.

Above: This is the view from over Reinecker Ridge east of highway 285, looking south towards Garro and Hartsel. Twelvemile Mountain is on the skyline on the left while the Sagauche Range is in the distance on the skyline towards the right.

Above: This is a view if Tarryall Reservoie and the mountains of the Lost Creek Wilderness Area, taken from just east of Eagle Rock.

Above: This is a view of Eagle Rock in the foreground with Observatory Rock in the middle distance; lower Tarryall Creek runs on the right side of this photo. On the distant skyline, from the left are Mount Baldy, Mount Guyot, and then Georgia Pass is the lower saddle in this section of the Continental Divide. Glacier Ridge is to the right of Georgia Pass.

Above: This is the view from above Redhill Pass looking South towards Fairplay with the Buffalo Peaks on the skyline in the background.

Above: This is a view from over the upper Middle Fork of the South Platte River, over Placer Valley ,with Windy Ridge on the left, Hoosier Pass in the center, and Hoosier Ridge to the right. The mountains of the Williams Fork Range are in the distance.

Above: This is a view of the lakes along Lakeside Drive in the Valley Of The Sun area west of Alma and Fairplay; Fairplay lies just on the left edge of this photo in the middle distance.

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