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 Photos of the South Park Region of the Central Colorado Rockies 

Taken from a Powered Paraglider Ultralight Aircraft 

Below:  This is me taking off from the Lost Stirrup Ranch on the SW corner of South Park on July 14th, 2017 in my PPG Quad


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Below are photos taken on October 19th, 2017 during a flight along the Mosquito Range on the NW edge of South Park ,and on over Hoosier Pass into Southern Summit County. [Flight duration of 78 minutes covering 45.1 miles; maximum altitude of 12, 652 feet ASL.]
Below- The view while over Windy Ridge on the east side of Mount Bross, approaching Hoosier Pass from the south.Montgomery Reservoir is below on the left.
Below is the view from just over Hoosier Pass with Hoosier Ridge beyond.
Below: Looking west towards the Blue Lakes in the valley between North Star Mountain (on the left) and Mount Quandry on the right.
Below is a view looking west up McCullough Gulch with part of Mount Quandry on the left and Pacific and Crystal Peaks of the Tenmile Range on the right.
Below is the view from over the Blue River Town Hall taken at an altitude of 12,652 feet ASL, looking NNE. Goose Pasture Tarn is in the valley with the town of Breckenridge beyond.
Below: this photo was taken of the north sides of the high  country while flying back towards Hoosier Pass. From the right edge are North Star, Democrat, Lincoln, Bross, Pennsylvania, Sheridan, and Sheep Mountains, with the Buffalo Peaks in the far distance on the southern end of the Mosquito Range. The northern end of the Sangre de Christo mountains are but a blur on the distant horizon. (Cool flying conditions above 12,000 feet at this time of  year!)
Below: Mount Lincoln dominates this view of the Mosquito Range  just west of Hoosier pass.
This is a view on September 15th 2017 from a viewpoint  over Warm Springs looking west at the fall Aspen colors on Round Hill in the foreground. The Buffalo Peaks are to the left, with the snow-covered peaks of the Collegiate Range on the skyline in the distance.
Below is another photo taken on September 15th, 2017 from a viewpoint over Fourmile Creek looking NNW across Foxtail Pines towards Hoosier Pass.
On Sunday September 2nd, 2017 I flew a flight over the NW section of the Mosquito range; during this flight I flew to a maximum altitude of 14,279 feet above sea level [ASL] according to my GPS's recorded track. Mount Lincoln, the highest Peak in the Mosquito Range, is listed at 14,286 feet. [Flight duration was 94 minutes, covering 52.5 miles.] Here are some of the photos I took during this flight.
Below is a view of the Pennsylvania Mountain Mine's gold mining site.
Below is a view of the top of Pennsylvania Mountain Mount Sherman on the left and then Morning Star Peak next to it  along the top of the Mosquito Range.
The photo below shows London Mountain as viewed from the South with the old South London Mine at it's foot. Upper Mosquito Gulch and the Mosquito Pass Stagecoach road are on the other side of London Mountain; Loveland and Buckskin Mountains are on the skyline to the right.
Below is the view to the west from directly over the top of  Mosquito pass (13,186 feet ASL) with Leadville in the upper
Arkansas River valley to the right in the mid distance, and with the Collegiate range only dimly visible within the forrest fire smoke haze beyond.
Below: this is the view from directly over Mosquito Pass looking to the north towards Mosquito Peak.
Below: This is the view from directly over Treasure Vault Peak looking SSW towards the Mosquito Pass Road & Pass area.  Cooney Lake is below to the cright, wlihe Oliver Twist Lake is to the left.
Below is a view form above the head end of Mosquito Gulch looking to the NE; Buckskin Peak is the sharp ridge in the foreground with Mount Democrat in the middle distance and Mount Quandry peeking out on the skyline behind. To the right is Mount Lincoln & Mount Bross, with Munt Silverheels in the hazy distance behind them.
Below is a view to the NNW, taken from above the head end of Mosquito Gulch; in the center is the Climax Molybdenum Mine and it's tailing ponds, with Copper Mountain just right of center in the distance. The layer of wildfire smoke is visible overlaying all.
Below: After crossing over Buckskin Mountain, I took this photo of Emma Lake (13,000 ft. ASL) which is situated on a shelf on the south slope of Mount Democrat . This phot was taken from about 14,000 feet as I was still climbing.
Below is a view looking down across the top of Mount Democrat (14,148 feet ASL) Many hikers were climbing this mountain this day. To the left of Mount Democrat's paek you can see the Climax mine; to the right is the Wheeler Lakes area of the headwaters of the middle fork of the South Platte river.
Below is a photo taken from above the saddle between Mount Democrat and Mount Lincoln looking back to the SW with Buckskin
peak in the middle foreground, and he Mosquito Range behind. In the hazy distance are the peaks of the Collegiate Range.
Photos below are from a flight on August 27th, 2017; the flight duration was 102 minutes covering 59 miles. This flight was started from south of  Fairplay heading North to Jefferson, then north to Jefferson Lake. From there, I headed on up and over Georgia Pass into Georgia Gulch before turning to fly west into the upper French Gulch area. I flew on towards Breckenridge ,then turned south and returned over Hoosier Pass back into South Park to land again.
Below: Jefferson Lake as seen from the west
Below: Looking west from a viewpoint over Georgia Pass towards Mount Guyot
Below: Looking north into Summit County from over Georgia Pass; Keystone Ski Area's Outback trails are in the center middle distance with Grays and Torreys Peaks (14ers) on the skyline to the right.
This photo was taken from above the upper section of  French Gulch looking to the South; Mount Guyot is on the left with Mount Baldy on the right.
This is a view of the town of Breckenridge and the ski trails of the Breckenridge ski area and the Tenmile Range, as seen from the east from a position above French Gulch- (Altitude of 12,541 feet displayed on the GPS.)
Below: looking southward  at the northern end of  Mount Baldy on the left; Hoosier Ridge and Red Peak are seen to the left of Hoosier Pass, with Mounts Bross, Lincoln, Democrat, North Star, and the lower shoulder of Quandry to the right progressively.
On August 22nd 2017 I flew a flight from south of Fairplay to the Southwest, circling the Buffalo Peaks on the Arkansas River side to te west before returning. Flight duration was 71 minutes covering 41 miles, with a maximum altitude of 12,522 feet ASL. Smoke haze from the many wildfires burning across the western U.S. reduces visibility and resolution on many photos this summer; here are three from that flight.
This is a view west from above the headwaters of Rough And Tumbling Creek in the area just north of the Buffalo Peaks. This is a shelving area with beaver ponds; the trail which circles from the Rich creek trailhead on the Weston Pass road and folows up rich creek, then crosses to the headwaters of Rough And Tumbling Creek can be seen in the lower right corner of this photo. The 14,000+ foot peaks of the Collegiate Range are along the skyline to the west.
Below is a view of the western side of the Buffalo Peaks taken from about 12,000 feet ASL (The tops of these peaks is at about 13,300 feet ASL.) Smoke haze to the south of this area was worse than it was to the north on this day.
This photo was taken from the Arkansas River Valley side of the Buffalo Peaks looking to the NW; Clear Creek Reservoir is in the center with the lower end of Twin Lakes barely visible to the right.
Below is a view of  Boreas Pass on the right with Mount Baldy above it, taken on August 20th of 2017. The lower area just left of center in this view is Blackpowder Pass. This photo was taken from above the upper Tarryall Creek & Selkirk Creek Bowl looking north. The peaks of the Gore Range in Summit County are seen on the skyline in the distance. (I circled over Boreas Pass & then returned on this flight.)
This is a view of Como from above, looking SW across South Park with the Buffalo Peaks in the skyline; the tops of the Collegiate and Sagauche ranges are seen faintly in the distance through the wildfire smoke haze.
On August 14th 2017 I flew a long flight over South Park, circling Spinney Mountain on the SE edge of this flight path. Flight duration was 125 minutes covering 67 miles according to the recorded GPS track record.
Below: A view of Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Spinney Mountain from the SE


On July 23rd 2017 I flew a flight across the continental divide, crossing out of South Park into Summit County at the head end of the Beaver Creek valley, east of Hoosier Pass. This flight covered 41 miles in 76 minutes, with a maximum altitude of 14,629 feet ASL tracked on the GPS.

Below is the view from over the SW end of Hoosier Ridge looking west. Montgomery Reservoir, on the headwaters of the South Platte River,  is in the foreground to the left with Mount Lincoln to the left above it. Northstar Mountain is to the right of Montgomery Reservoir; it's on the southern end of the Tenmile Range, with Mount Quandry to the right. to the right in the foreground are the headwaters of the Blue River which flows north to join the Colorado River just below Kremmling. The peaks of the Collegiate Range are on the distant skyline, on the far side of the headwaters of the Arkansas River. There are 5 peaks over 14,000 feet tall in this area, with many more in the Collegiate Range.

Below is the view north from over Hoosier Ridge; The Tenmile and Gore Ranges are to the left, while parts of Colorado's Front Range are to the right. Lake
Dillon is in the center in the middle distance with Red Mountain's top just to it's left and Hoosier Peak to it's right. Boreas Pass is to the right, to the NE of this viewpoint, while Hoosier Pass is to the SW, back to the left. I caught and circled in a good thermal in this area which took me up to 14,629 feet ASL before I flew off to the SW again.


Below: Approaching Black Mountain from the Southwest on July 15th, 2017; this is the Black Mountain on the SW border of Park County
Below: The view to the ENE from over Black Mountain at 12,500+ feet MSL; Pike's Peak is on the skyline to the right, with Thirtynine Mile Mountain to the left. This is the "Guffy Caldera" area left behind after a large volcanic eruption in the past.

Photos Below from a flight on June 2nd, 2017 on the east side of the Southern Mosquito Range in South Park's northwest region.

Above: This is the Horseshoe Bowl, located in the Mosquito Range west of Fairplay.

Above: This is a view of the upper end of the Fourmile Creek drainage in the Mosquito Range With Mount Sherman on the right.

Above: This is a view of upper Mosquito Gulch with Pennsylvania Mountain and The Pennsylvania Mountain Placer on the left. London Mountain is in the center with the South London gold mine visible on it's left side. Mosquito Pass crosses the range headed to Leadville just behind London Mountain.

Above: This is the view from over Park city looking NW towards Loveland Mountain (on the left) with Buckskin Gulch to it's right; Mount Democrat, Cameron, and Bross are progressively to the right.

Above: This is a view cof Alma and the Alma Placer taken from the west.

Above: This is a look at the Hector Placer just South of Alma on the east side of Co. Hwy. 9

On June 21st, 2017 I flew a 64.5 mile cross-country flight lasting 135.5 minutes. (Used 3 gallons of fuel from my 5 gallon tank)
The photos below are from part of that flight which extended into the eastern edge of Chaffee County and the Arkansas River Valley in the Buena Vista area.

Below is a view from a viewpoint over the west side of the Trout Creek Pass area, looking west towards the Colleigate Range. Johnson Village is in the intermediate distance to the left with Buena Vista and the Arkansas River visible to the right.


 Below: These basaltic intrusive structures are referred to as "The Castles". They are located to the south of Highways 285 & 24 just west of Trout Creek Pass. The Fourmile Recreation Area lies between this area and the Arkansas River.


 Below: This is a view from just north on Trout Creek Pass over the Salt Works Ranch looking at North Hall Butte with Antero reservoir in the intermediate distance, and South Park stretching to the east Mosquito Range on the horizon.


The photos below are from a 39.1 mile 96 minute flight to the Boreas Pass area on June 20th, 2017. During this flight my GPS recorded an altitude of 15,130 feet above sea level.

Above: This is the approach to Boreas Pass from South Park over the upper Tarryall Creek valley.

Above: This is the view from high above Boreas Pass looking to the NE; Baldy Mountain is beyond the pass on the right. All of Colorado's front range is in the distance.

Above: This is a view from high above Mount Silverheels, With Hoosier Ridge & Red Mountain in the intermediate distance. Quandry Mountain and the Tenmile and Gore Ranges are in the distance.

Above: This photo was taken while at 15,130 feet above sea level. Mount Silverheels and Hoosier ridge are in the foreground, 14'ers Bross and Lincoln are left of Montgomery Reservoir with the entire Collegiate range in the background. Quandry Peak, another 14'er is to the right of Montgomery Reservoir in the Tenmile Range.

Above: This is a view if the SE side of Weston Pass- it runs through the vally below to the left. This photo was taken from ~13,000 feet ASL on June 7th 2017

Above: This is a view of South Hall Butte in the foreground, The Saltworks Ranch, and North Hall Butte in the middle distance with Antero Reservoir to the right and The Mosquito Range and Continental Divide in the background to the North.

Above: This is the view from over Reinecker Ridge east of highway 285, looking south towards Garro and Hartsel. Twelvemile Mountain is on the skyline on the left while the Sagauche Range is in the distance on the skyline towards the right.

Above: This is a view of Tarryall Reservoir and the mountains of the Lost Creek Wilderness Area, taken from just east of Eagle Rock.

Above: This is a view of Eagle Rock in the foreground with Observatory Rock in the middle distance; lower Tarryall Creek runs on the right side of this photo. On the distant skyline, from the left are Mount Baldy, Mount Guyot, and then Georgia Pass is the lower saddle in this section of the Continental Divide. Glacier Ridge is to the right of Georgia Pass.

Above: This is the view from above Redhill Pass looking South towards Fairplay with the Buffalo Peaks on the skyline in the background.

Above: This is a view from over the upper Middle Fork of the South Platte River, over Placer Valley ,with Windy Ridge on the left, Hoosier Pass in the center, and Hoosier Ridge to the right. The mountains of the Williams Fork Range are in the distance.
Above: This is a view of the lakes along Lakeside Drive in the Valley Of The Sun area west of Alma and Fairplay; Fairplay lies just on the left edge of this photo in the middle distance.


 Above: This is a view looking up from the pilots seat at the wing under which I fly, The Mac Para Charger 31 paraglider wing.


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