The Enhanced Double Helix Coil

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I was trying to explain my own enhanced version of a double helix coil to friends who converged here to do a bit of energy work / (Planetary Healing / Balancing) recently. Since the first pencil scratchings on paper didn't have a chance to really get the full idea across, I went out to my storage building, cut a 53.3" piece of ~14 gauge bare wire, then came back in to my workshop room to pull out 3 of the 1/4" brass beads (since my solid copper ones weren't here yet), grabbed a set of needle nosed pliers, and began to wind up my version of this amazing coil.

The brass beads had just been 'processed' by my sister & a friend to work harmoniously with the copper wire; I'd recommend starting with solid copper beads instead if you choose to experience this coil yourself; they're energetically more dynamic, in our understanding.

I use a 1/4" bead exactly at the center of the 53.3" wire, with the tight bends holding it in place, then begin to wrap both ends clockwise out from the center.

The two ends eventually end up opposite to each other; then 3/8" of the ends are each bent in towards the center, and the other two beads are installed, with the last 1/8" of each protruding end bent back out to roughly follow the coil and keep the beads in place. [Note: later, I started soldering the beads with the ends of the wire just passing through the bead, and the wire end flush with the bead surface- no bends on either side of the outer end beads.] Even before the wrapping / shaping of this coil was complete, it was throwing enough energy off the ends of the wires so that one of my VERY sensitive friends asked me, "Hey, be careful where you're pointing that thing!!" ;>)

When completely formed, and laid on a flat surface, those sensitive to energy flows can definitely feel the 'push' of energy up from this specific configuration of "Enhanced Double Helix Coil" when it's positioned to appear a clockwise spiral out from the center, as viewed from above.

If you flip it over, it can be felt to 'draw' energy from above, and push it out below.

If you place it in the first (clockwise position) over the palm of one hand, it will feel to be running energy in one direction in relation to that hand; if you slide it over the other hand in the same orientation, you should feel the relative flow of energy seeming to be reversed. This is because these sensations of energy flow are perceived relative to polarized in the palms of your hands.

One friend flipped & changed orientations on the coil several times within a minute, passing it from hand to hand, both hands, up, down... and actually quite quickly experienced a disturbing disorientation and nausea; she left to go to a local water place to ground & get rebalanced, and returned a few minutes later back in better shape again... Please be prudent in the manipulation of this form. (I told her that what she had done was energetically like climbing onto a amusement park ride that is capable if instantaneously reversing directions repeatedly, from her energy sensitive perspective. She agreed that was how it had affected her! :>)

OK, I may as well add another tidbit while I'm at it; the energy porting capability of this form can be optimized by orienting it to the local energetic flows. In my area, this does NOT coincide with the local magnetic field orientation, so a compass is ineffective in establishing optimum orientation. I use a pendulum to optimize the energetic orientation.

To align this or other energetic devices, here's the method I use with a pendulum;

Start with the beads roughly aligned in a line with magnetic north-south. While holding your pendulum outside of the coil: Focus your attention on one outer end bead (or reference point.) Mentally ask the pendulum to show you the direction in which that [bead / reference point] needs to be rotated to achieve the maximum energetic orientation. The pendulum will swing to point either to the left, to the right, or directly towards the bead / reference point. When it swings directly towards it, you have it optimally aligned. This is the orientation in which you will also get the maximum Bovis Unit reading for a given form / orientation.

To tune down the energy porting dynamics, simply shift the form back out of its optimum orientation.

Note: I use a silver version of this coil, with silver beads, formed from 13.325" (or 26.65") of 22 gauge square sterling silver wire, buried in an active matrix inside an EMF / ELF active neutralization device [later named the "DORAS"] that's tested very successfully very recently. It's a two frequency device (I'm conceptualizing it as my "E-Shield") with a lot of 'goodies' arranged within, designed to be carried in a shirt pocket and run continuously when necessary. In use, the EDH coil is oriented vertically (beads top & bottom) and is oriented for a clockwise spiral rotation pattern from the center out, as viewed from the body.

My "Environmental Normalization Transformer" (ENT) has this copper "Enhanced Double Helix" coil form as one of the three different coils used together in an array in the base level; this particular one overlays the 7 pieces of lodestone that are in that lower layer, all of which are individually oriented to the magnetic field. (There are more oriented pieces of Lodestone in two upper layers.)

The ENT has a specific orientation that optimizes its dynamics; its placement is also very carefully optimized, and it's carefully activated and tied into the Earth Energy Matrix, to be a force of balance and transformation.


The photo above shows ten of the Double Helix Coils made from 13.325" (more or less) of ~22 gauge bare copper wire, with 4mm copper beads soldered in place. [This length is 1/4 of the 53.3", and half of 26.65"] (These are key lengths I use in forming coils of many types.)

These coils are ready to be used in some of my devices; in some applications, I form this type coil from sterling silver wire, with sterling silver beads. I believe that soldering the beads to the ends of the wire, rather than adding extra bends, may be a bit better energetically; how much better, I won't try to say at this time. I just think it's worth doing for my own purposes.

You'll also notice that there are about 2-1/2 spirals out from center in each 'leg' of these coils; This is the layout I prefer to form, when the application allows.

Yes, these take some time to form; I measure the length of the wire as closely as possible, mark the center point, bend the center bend on one side of the center bead's placement, then slide the bead in place and make the second center bend tight against the bead. I then solder it in place with a 2% silver electrical solder, on one side of the bead. Next I solder another bead on each end of the wire. I have a "helping hands" tool, similar to one available at Radio Shack, which holds the wire while I solder, to keep things where I want them. After the three beads are soldered in place, I proceed to slowly hand-form the coil shape, working a bit on each 'leg' alternately until the form is complete.

More later!

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